Party Pong Tables, Portable Affordable, Quality Beer Pong Tables
1. What makes Party Pong Tables the best?
Party Pong has been selling custom and pre-designed tables since 2006.  We have sold over 15,000 tables since then. We know what we're doing and we've been doing it the longest.  Our customer service cannot be matched as we offer and online chat and answer our phone when it rings.  All Party Pong employees are trained professionals learn to customize our tables over months of training.

2. Do Party Pong Tables have a warranty?
90 day limited manufacturers warranty.  Party Pong will repair or replace manufacturing defects in the table in case of such a rare occurrence.  Do not ship table back to Party Pong without contacting customer service 888-606-2888 with your Order ID number first.  Upon Party Pong receiving the table, Party Pong will inspect table for damages claimed to be responsible by manufacturer.

3. Are the Holes actual HOLES in the table?
Yes. Party Pong is the only Beer Pong table manufacturer who has mathematically engineered the cup configuration so that red party cups rest approx. 1 1/2 inches into the table ensuring the rims of all cups perfectly touch one another.

4. Are the Triangles a sticker?
The triangles are vinyl stickers placed at the ends of the table, for those who do not want Holes, to outline where the playing cups go. You may request the triangles to be any one of our 10 offered colors.

5. What size are Party Pong Tables?
Unfolded Dimensions: 96" (length) x 24" (width) x 29" (height)
Folded Dimensions: 24" x 6" x 24"
Weight: 23 lbs.

6. What is the difference between Standard and Full Table Graphics?
The Standard Graphic option is a maximum of 48 inches left to right & 22 inches top to bottom. The Full Table Graphic option covers all 96 inches x 24 inches of the table or anything larger than the Standard Graphic size. Please enter detailed descriptions for text or anything else you may want in the additional graphics comment box once you've selected a graphic option. Previews of your custom table can be sent upon request.

7. How fast can I get a table?
Party Pong typically ships all tables within 1-3 business days from the time that you place your order.  All tables are shipped via FedEx Ground and can take 1-5 business days for delivery, depending on how far from Los Angeles we are shipping.  However, if you need it sooner please call or email.

8. What if I'm not creative enough to design my own table?
You may purchase one of our many pre-designed graphics or tell us what you want and we can help you create your own custom beer pong table at no extra charge.

9. What if my question was not answered?
Call us at 888-606-2888 or E-mail us at We will return calls and e-mails faster than anyone. Guaranteed.