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Warning: Do Not Play While Drinking Top Five Games to Avoid as Drinking Games

Odds are if you are reading this blog, you enjoy drinking games whether its beer pong, tip cup, beer chess, or something more specific. There are many games that are helped by the addition of drinking rules, and it is so easy to write your own drinking game for any topic of your choosing, that it can begin to seem like all games are potential drinking games. Be warned however, not all games should be combined with alcohol. To save you from learning this the hard way, please avoid the following games while drinking.

1. (Sport) Ice Hockey: This game is an excellent predecessor to drinking, but the game should be completed prior to engaging in the consumption of alcohol. Let’s face it, skating with sticks using sharpened blades on your feet is not safe when sober. Please do not try it combined with alcohol.

2. (Video Game) Grand Theft Auto IV: The camera cuts, swerving and high speed motion are a key component in the following equation:Beer + G.T.A.IV= Motion Sickness

3. (Sport) Polo: Polo is an excellent drinking sport, for the spectators. While you enjoy your field side beverages, please remember not to jump into the fray. Neither water nor horses and mallets should be combined with beverages that reduce aim.

4. (Group Game) Red Rover: “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Bud right over?” Not so much. The only thing that seems like fun when playing this game and drinking is crashing into the other players. It’s a recipe for injury at best, and angry drunken brawls at worst. Not a good idea, especially if you ever want to engage in drinking games with those friends again.

5. (Board Game) The Game of Life: This game is boring. Beer is a depressant. Combine the two and you will likely fall asleep. And then you cannot drink or play anymore until you wake up. And that is counterproductive.

This list is not comprehensive, but hopefully it provides you with a sampling that can help determine when a game just isn’t fit for adaptation to drinking. And if you have a way to make one of these games work, spread the word!

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24 Replies

  1. Michael Jul 19th 2012


  2. badass!

  3. Sick tables

  4. These games are clutch, GTA4 takes the top spot.

  5. Dustin Jul 19th 2012

    I’ve done video game drinking games. Don’t drink and drive Mario kart on gamecube. Great game and sends a good message haha

  6. that list is so true. game of life.. boaring

  7. Nate Thomas Jul 19th 2012

    I’ve done nearly all of those!

  8. Seth Carpenter Jul 19th 2012

    Balls back! Social!!

  9. chance Jul 19th 2012

    HEY do i win? and u should not play rugby while drinking it get rough and broke leg LOL

  10. Nate Vanderwaal Jul 19th 2012

    Haha I’ll try these!

  11. Tried playing red rover after drinking once and it didnt end so well haha

  12. clayton colley Jul 19th 2012

    Russian roulette …..

  13. Michael Chea Jul 19th 2012

    can’t wait for my towel boy to hold my BEER PONG towel while i play.

  14. Beeerrr.Pooonng!!!!!

  15. Twister and booze. Best combination ever!

  16. That shit crazy lol. Gimme my towel ;]

  17. Rugby is also an excellent drinking sport for the spectators, and also for the players! although it is not recommended, I have known a good few of them that would routinely show up practice pretty sloshed, “consistency is key” dem deadbirds didnt go half speed, ever!SWOOP

  18. Joanne F Jul 19th 2012

    I think Red Rover would rock while drinking!

  19. David Beachler Jul 19th 2012

    You guys rock

  20. GTA is a great game to play while drinking!!

  21. Joshua Jul 19th 2012

    Love my beer pong balls y’all sent!

  22. Coool

  23. Explain beer league hockey lol.

  24. Mike cutsinger Jul 19th 2012

    I really hope this is where I am sopposed to comment for a free towel cuz if it is I’m the first one it looks like:) life probably would suck because yes it is boring but beeropoly is sweeeeet

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