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‘Tis the Season for Beer Pong

Admit it: you like the holidays. No, you don’t appreciate the Christmas music blasting in department stores 24/7, and the guy who’s paid to dress up as Santa Claus is creepy, but you can’t deny that you have fond memories of Christmases (or Hanukkahs) past. So ring in some holiday cheer with Party Pong tables, and check out these surefire ways to add the fun back into your holidays:

1. Continue playing beer pong as usual, but replace the Natty Ice with a more festive drink. This may require that you take up a collection among your generous dorm mates, since holiday drinks are considerably more expensive. We recommend setting up a bell-ringer outside your dorm or campus center, but DO NOT pretend the donations will go to charity, as that’s a surefire way to get a lump of coal in your stocking. Then get to work filling those plastic cups with egg nog, mulled wine, hard cider, or a seasonal beer. You’ll want to start missing your shots. By the end of the game, everyone wins.

2. Decorate your beer pong table Christmas lights are no longer for just the outdoors, but you can get even more creative. Throw garlands, snowflakes, and candy canes across your beer pong table. Line the perimeter with popcorn and cranberries. Think big here: the goal is to make your table look like an elf just took a crap on it.

3. Penalties for missed shots involve singing the holiday song of your choice, at the top of your lungs Did you know that beer pong is our favorite Christmas drinking game? It is! Play as you normally would, but anyone who misses a shot has to subject–er, treat–the neighborhood to the Christmas carol of their choice, belted at the top of their lungs. Nothing brings out the Christmas cheer like a tipsy rendition of “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer!”

4. Treat yourself to a Playboy beer pong table

Want to know what says “Christmas” more than anything?

playboy christmas beer pong tableThis.

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13 Replies

  1. Decorating a beer pong table for the holidays. Great idea. I think I will do it for our holiday party this week!!

  2. What says christmas is a beautiful girl on my side in a santa outfit =) feeding me food.

  3. Love the ideas for the holidays!! Planning on playing ALL christmas weekend!

  4. comment

  5. I love your guys tables. This is the best site ever

  6. I am so looking forward to the holidays and New Years Eve. I am going into the mountains with some friends and we’re taking a Beer Pong Table with us to play in the snow :)


  7. Marius Dec 19th 2011


  8. Dustin Dec 19th 2011

    Word….love me some beer pong

  9. jamison blazick Dec 19th 2011

    Wow free pong balls

  10. Mark McMurray Dec 19th 2011

    I’ll be going home for the Holidays and be sure to catch up on some much needed Beer Pong games. I will show my home-town friends just how good I have gotten being away at school. Being an art major I am painting the table I have at home with a great Christmas theme and making the perfect environment for that game we all love to play. Beer Pong!


  12. pottenjack Dec 19th 2011

    x-mas pong ftw!

  13. David B Dec 19th 2011

    yay beer pong!! such a fun game.

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