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Team Names 101: A Guide to Choosing the Best Beer Pong Team Name

You and your bros have been practicing your game, and at this point you’re pretty well convinced you can form a team and clean the floor with your competition. Problem is, you have no idea what to call yourselves—after all, Team MyFirstName and MyBro’sFirstName is actually kind of boring. Fortunately, here at Party Pong we’re all about making sure you have everything you need to be a badass at beer pong—including having an epic team name. Here are some ideas.

1. The Obligatory Puns

Alright, let’s get this one out of the way quickly, because we shouldn’t even actually have to say it. If you can’t come up with some great “balls” puns to use in your team name, then what are you even doing here?

2. The Obligatory Booze References

You are, in fact, playing a game that pretty much requires the consumption of large quantities of cheap beer (yes, you can play with water…but most people generally don’t).  The “Alco Holics”,  “Booze Crews”, “Beer Pressure,” and even “Go Home, You’re Drunk” are all awesome team names celebrating the boozy nature of our favorite sport. Go get a pint and come up with something creative!

3. Pop Culture References

You eat, sleep, and breathe in a world where pop culture is both ridiculous and inescapable. You might as well make the most of it.  What’s the best strange celebrity quote you’ve heard this week? What’s your favorite movie or TV show? Which love-to-hate politician has said something asinine lately? Take these things as inspiration and incorporate them into your up-to-the-minute team name. Or, if all else fails, just make a gratuitous reference to Miley Cyrus twerking.

4. Trash Talk Names

With all great teams come great rivals. Kill two birds with one stone by dissing the other team’s name with your own. Think along the lines of “we will pwn you!”…but, you know, more creative and with a direct reference to your rival team’s name and/or history.

5. Mad Libs Names

Alright, flash back to your childhood planning Mad Libs. You would insert an adjective, noun, or verb into a mystery text, and read it with hilarity once the complete sentences are revealed. Flash forward now to the grownup version of that game to lead you to team-name victory. How, you ask? It’s simple. Choose one adjective, then choose one noun. If you really want to add excitement, throw in an adverb and show off your SAT vocab skills.  Almost any adjective-noun combo will make a good team name, but they’re definitely better when they’re unexpected. For inspiration, think of “The Fighting Chipmunks,” “The Lusty Triangles,” or “The Raging Sporks.”

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect team name, be sure to bring your own custom beer pong balls to up your game even more. The other team will never even know what hit them.

Weigh in with your best team names in the comments section!

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13 Replies

  1. matt stepp Nov 16th 2011

    Lounge Lizards

  2. Ryan Gau Nov 16th 2011

    Keystone Krusaders

  3. Mark McMurray Nov 16th 2011

    The Ponginators

  4. Drew Whitlow Nov 16th 2011

    Friday Natty Light

  5. Ryan Rowland Nov 16th 2011


  6. Marius Nov 16th 2011

    Cup Killer Nuremberg

  7. sammy lumlert Nov 16th 2011

    Lethal When Drunk

  8. Flick the Bean.

  9. Myles H Nov 16th 2011

    Balls Deep

  10. Darren wiener Nov 16th 2011

    Texas longshotz

  11. Sam Duggan Nov 16th 2011

    2 balls 1 cup

  12. Nicole Nov 17th 2011

    Keystone Knights most definitely

  13. Our team name for this year’s World Series in Las Vegas: ‘True North, Pong and Free’. Yes, we’re Canadian.

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