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Beer Pong: The Best Way to Show School Spirit

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Use this Cowboy-themed table for inspiration as you decide what YOUR team's beer pong table should look like

So you’re back in school after your wet, hot American summer. Sure, this means homework, waking up early, and trying to avoid running into last year’s hook-ups on campus. But it also means football games, partying, and a chance to show your school spirit.

Many major colleges are already gearing up with some awesome football games, and the fans are coming out in droves. We salute these crazy fans, wearing their school sweatshirts and yelling until they’re hoarse. But come on, you can do better than painting your face or wearing a sweatshirt. There’s one easy way to step up your game: with a custom-made beer pong table!

Getting a table in your school colors or sporting an image of your school mascot will make your place the perfect pre or post-game destination for sports fans. Rile up the crowd by playing a couple pre-game rounds of beer pong, or help fans celebrate in style after a win. For inspiration, check out our other football-themed beer pong tables to see how it’s done.

So yeah, you could just wear a sweatshirt. Or you could support your home team with pride by throwing the game day celebration that everyone will be talking about. The choice is yours!

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