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Party Pong in Penthouse Magazine

Strippers and Beer Pong equals Strip Beer Pong

Penthouse Cover

June 2009 Penthouse Magazine Cover

Strippers Playing Strip Beer Pong

Actual Page from Penthouse Magazine featuring Howard TV's Strip Beer Pong

Penthouse Magazine Page 2

It's true, pictures can be worth more than a million words

Hot, naked, models and beer pong go together beautifully.  Penthouse magazine and Howard Stern completely agree.  In the June 2009 issue of Penthouse Magazine, Penthouse featured a 3 page article dedicated to Howard TV’s great idea to host a Strip Beer Pong Tournament with some very hot strippers.  I know it’s overwhelming to read the words “Penthouse Magazine,” “Strippers,” and “Beer Pong,” and not immediately get distracted and want to party, but we must point out the fact that the Strippers playing Strip Beer Pong were playing on a Custom Wood Party Pong Beer Pong Table.  Customized with the Howard TV logo, the Wood Party Pong Table was lucky enough to embrace the craziness of Strip Beer Pong.  Take a look at the pictures and you can see the wood table cameo…and yes we agree, it sucks that we have to put stupid, black stars over the nipples.  Send us a contact email if you want a copy of the unedited version.

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