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Scrabble Drinking Game

So, you’re crushing on that cute girl in the Comp Lit department, and beer pong just isn’t her thing. But hey, there’s got to be a way right? She likes words, you like beer… Drunken Scrabble. What better way to introduce to her the joys of drinking games? It’s almost a match made in heaven.

Rules of the Scrabble Drinking Game:

Take one Scrabble board, with all the various and sundry pieces associated with it (bags of letters,etc).  Get together the girl of your dreams and a few more friends (best bet is to have 8 people total, and you can play in 4 teams of 2). Bring a case of beer (ask beforehand what she likes, extra romantic points dude).

As you start to play, take a drink each time someone plays a word worth more than 10 points. If you’re playing with people who are at all intelligent, this should be nearly every turn. Take 2 sips anytime anyone scores higher than 20 points, 3 whenever someone gets more than 30, and so on.

Partway through the game, make the suggestion that creativity counts in terms of both spelling and what constitutes a “real word.” Shakespeare made up words, didn’t he? So can you! If you can come up with a plausible-sounding definition, it counts! By the end of the game, the board should be full of ridiculous nonsense words and everyone should be ridiculously tipsy and giggling.

Take a picture of the board when you finish, and share it when you’re all sober the next day. See if you can remember what all your made-up words meant. With any luck, your lady love will have had a great time, remember most if not all of the crazy made-up definitions, and be eager to have a drunken scrabble match again. Voila—second date!


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The Oscars Drinking Game

Whether its the Oscars, the Emmys, or Golden Globes, you know you’re going to watch the awards shows. Now whether you have any real interest in the celebrities or not, the one thing you do know is that you might as well drink while you’re doing it. Here’s a new drinking game, applicable to any awards show you may be watching.

  1. Anytime anyone says the name of the award show, take a drink.
  2. Anytime the host’s attempts at humor fall flat, take a drink.
  3. Anytime anyone uses the words “excitement” or “anticipation” to describe the atmosphere, take a drink.
  4. Anytime there’s a big, dramatic pause between “and the award goes to…” and an actual name, take a drink.
  5. Anytime the camera pans to the candidates for an award and at least one of them isn’t wearing a big, fake smile, take a drink.
  6. Anytime the winner doesn’t immediately register that their name was just read and they should get the hell onstage, take a drink.
  7. Anytime a winner starts to cry during their acceptance speech, take a drink.
  8. Anytime a winner thanks their family, take a drink for every family member they mention by name.
  9. Anytime a winner thanks God, take 2 drinks—one for you, and one for Jeebus!
  10. Anytime a winner talks over the allotted time, chug from whenever the host tries to shut them up until they actually stop talking.

This set of rules should get you pretty sloshed, pretty quickly, no matter which awards show you’re watching. If you have ideas for rules of your own to add to this list, either for awards shows in general or for a specific one, post them in the comments below!

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Key Steps to Snow Beer Pong Tables

It’s freaking freezing outside, and the snow is up past your knees. The sensible thing to do would be to stay inside and get drunk normally. I mean sure, you could even have some classic drunk karaoke. But for an intrepid bro like yourself who recognizes the voice of opportunity, there’s only one thing to do: play snow pong!

What is snow pong? We’re so glad you asked! Snow pong is the combination of your most epic beer pong battle in history combined with all your childhood fantasies of building epic snow forts. The steps are simple:

  1. Call your bros and tell them about the impending epicness. Get them all together and go outside.
  2. Build yourself a beer pong table/beer cooler out of snow (this is where the epic snow fort fantasy happens—bonus points if you have a major snowball fight while you’re building the table). Make it the same height and dimensions as a regular beer pong table, but hollow out places in the sides to hold your beer cans, so that they’ll be naturally nice and chilly for the game.
  3. Play pong! You can use the normal rules, or make up extra rules to reflect the fact that you’re outside in the snow. Add a chunk of snow to each cup, make the loser create a drunk snow angel…whatever your drunk creativity wants to do.
  4. Repeat until you’re all too frozen to continue. Go inside, get warm, and then go do it all over again!
  5. Send us photos and tell us in the comments about your variations on the game. The more ridiculous the shenanigans, the better!

These simple steps are the essential keys to your winterfest bronanza!



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How to host a massive beer pong party and not hate yourself the next day


Party Pong Beer Pong Party

Everyone loves a fantastic party full of beer pong! Everyone wants to go, get drunk, play pong, have a great time, and maybe get laid. Everyone dreams of hosting the biggest, most epic party imaginable.


And then, the next day, when your entire house smells like spilled beer, there are empty cups and beer cans everywhere, you can’t tell what color the floor is,  there are three strange people asleep in your bed, and you and all your bros are nursing hangovers…you’re going to hate yourself and everyone who came to the party, because while everyone else gets to stay in bed with their hangovers, you’re the ass who has to clean up.

Relax, bro. It’s not so bad. Here are the best ways to host an epic party at your house and not hate yourself the next day.

  1. Get a beer pong table that will set you up for success

The days or regular folding tables are over, bro. You will increase your epic-ness and reduce your cleanup woes if you use a dedicated beer pong table with pre-drilled holes to hold your cups. You gain bro points because dude, you actually have your own beer pong table. You gain morning-after points because you’ll have a hell of a lot less beer on the floor. If you really want to up the ante, get a custom table with a playmate emblazoned on the surface, and then get your bros to wipe off the table between games. After all, you can’t be disrespecting that playmate’s luscious boobs!

  1. Keep it outdoors

Do you have any outdoor space at all? Is the weather even slightly above freezing? Keep your party outdoors as much as possible. You’ll have more space to put people if you have indoor and outdoor action going on, and you’ll have less mess and spilled beer inside the house to deal with the next day. Plus, having most of the party taking place outside reduces the chances that you’ll find random strangers making out in your bed at the end of the night.

  1. Set up obvious places for your empty beer cans to go

It’s not rocket science, bro. Put out big trash bags in obvious places, and people will figure out that the empty cups and cans go there. People will barely notice during the party—sticking trash in trash bags is kind of automatic—but you’ll notice the next day, when you won’t have nearly as many random plastic cups all over your place.

  1. Pitchers of water

Yeah, we all know that half the point of a party is to get wasted, but make sure there’s water and other non-boozy stuff for people to drink. Hydration is good, and people are a lot more likely to remember to drink water if it’s out there and obvious. Believe us, everyone will be happier, both during the party and after, if there isn’t vomit in the sink.

  1. Stock up on your cleaning stuff ahead of time

You know that massive beer and supply run that you make before you host a party? When you get booze, chips and salsa, red solo cups, and whatever else you and your bros want for the big night? Add cleaning supplies to that supply run, and you’ll be a significantly happier person the next day. Think paper towels, extra trash bags, Swiffer stuff, Clorox wipes, a metric ton of febreeze…you get the picture. You might feel like a loser when you’re shopping, but believe us, your hangover will thank you the next day.

So. Now you know the secret to not hating yourself the morning after throwing an enormous party. What the hell are you waiting for bro? Next party’s at your place!

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Best Songs for Drunk Group Karaoke

You know that feeling, when you’re at a karaoke bar and can’t for the life of you figure out a single song that your group can manage to perform? Never fear, here’s a list of the top five karaoke songs for you and your buddies to belt out at the top of your lungs (and get the rest of the bar to join in)!

1.       Journey—Don’t Stop Believin’

You know it, “it goes on and on and on and on”…It’s infectious, a rock anthem, and everyone knows it. Great for pretty much any point in the evening, on any given night out.

2.      Bohemian Rhapsody—Queen

This song is a huge classic– everybody knows it but very few people actually know all the words. Test which of your friends can actually do the “scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango” section without tripping over the words—then buy them another beer so they won’t be able to replicate the feat.

3. Celebration—Kool & the Gang

This is the ultimate song for the big party, whether it’s your graduation, your best friend’s wedding, or just your best friend’s 21st birthday (for the 3rd or 4th time). “Cel-e-brate good times, come on!” Sing it midway through the evening, when everyone’s feeling great and the party is rocking on.

4. Wonderwall—Oasis

This is the song when you’re just drunk enough that you think singing group karaoke to a potential love interest is a really good idea. “Because maybe (maybe)…You’re gonna be the one that saves me (saves me)…” As long as you don’t actually announce that you’re dedicating the song to someone specific, you’re fine.

5.  Friends in Low Places—Garth Brooks

This is the song for the end of the night, when you’re totally sloshed and thoroughly enjoying the fact that you’ve gone “down to the O-oasis!” Best sung when you’re all at the point of drunkenness that everyone in your general vicinity is your best friend and you can sway together with your bottles held aloft.

So there you have it: instant inspiration. Go forth and lift your bottles and voices in song!


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Warning: Do Not Play While Drinking Top Five Games to Avoid as Drinking Games

Odds are if you are reading this blog, you enjoy drinking games whether its beer pong, tip cup, beer chess, or something more specific. There are many games that are helped by the addition of drinking rules, and it is so easy to write your own drinking game for any topic of your choosing, that it can begin to seem like all games are potential drinking games. Be warned however, not all games should be combined with alcohol. To save you from learning this the hard way, please avoid the following games while drinking.

1. (Sport) Ice Hockey: This game is an excellent predecessor to drinking, but the game should be completed prior to engaging in the consumption of alcohol. Let’s face it, skating with sticks using sharpened blades on your feet is not safe when sober. Please do not try it combined with alcohol.

2. (Video Game) Grand Theft Auto IV: The camera cuts, swerving and high speed motion are a key component in the following equation:Beer + G.T.A.IV= Motion Sickness

3. (Sport) Polo: Polo is an excellent drinking sport, for the spectators. While you enjoy your field side beverages, please remember not to jump into the fray. Neither water nor horses and mallets should be combined with beverages that reduce aim.

4. (Group Game) Red Rover: “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Bud right over?” Not so much. The only thing that seems like fun when playing this game and drinking is crashing into the other players. It’s a recipe for injury at best, and angry drunken brawls at worst. Not a good idea, especially if you ever want to engage in drinking games with those friends again.

5. (Board Game) The Game of Life: This game is boring. Beer is a depressant. Combine the two and you will likely fall asleep. And then you cannot drink or play anymore until you wake up. And that is counterproductive.

This list is not comprehensive, but hopefully it provides you with a sampling that can help determine when a game just isn’t fit for adaptation to drinking. And if you have a way to make one of these games work, spread the word!

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How to Choose the Right Beer Pong Table for Your Needs: A Primer

So you’ve given it some thought and you’ve decided to take the plunge. Congratulations! You’re getting a beer pong table! But before you pick out your little bundle of joy (we’re still referring to the table, of course), keep in mind that different table options suit different types of people. Below are some different options we offer on the beer pong tables we sell, and who they’re going to be good for:

Aluminum Tables (AKA “The Professional” “The Offiicial” “The One & Only”)

This sleek and classy table is designed for everyone.  The aluminum table is the lightest and most easily transportable of all tables, and it folds into a case so you can take it with you on your jet-setting, crime-fighting tours.


Table Options

Don’t forget, the most important part of purchasing a Party Pong Table is adding from a number of awesome options. Fit your table to your personality by adding the following

Custom Graphics, Table Color, Holes, Triangles, Left & Right Side Glow Lights, Speakers.

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The Top Five Most Embarrassing Mistakes You Can Make at a Party

Are you one of those people who thinks a party is the perfect excuse to let it all hang out? Think again. Contrary to popular belief, the morning after a party most people do remember what went on the night before. Luckily, we at Party Pong tables are here to remind you how to avoid the most embarrassing party pratfalls. So sit back, peruse this article, and make sure you don’t become the next campus legend for all the wrong reasons.

1. Being a sore loser

So you and your friends have broken out your favorite beer pong tables for a quick game. Things aren’t looking so great for your team, and you end up getting clobbered by the opponents. Do you:

a) Smile charismatically and make a joke about how you’re still the top player where it counts (in the bedroom)? Or do you:
b) Throw your beer pong balls across the room and run out sobbing about how the game was rigged?

Please, for the love of all that is holy, choose the first option. Losing a game can hurt your pride, sure, but if you smile and make jokes, there are still plenty of ways to come out on top.

2. Shamelessly pursuing a guy/girl who isn’t interested in you

We admire your optimism and your persistence. But if you get a couple of rejections in a row from the same person, move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea—but the uninterested fish you pursue relentlessly will hurt your chances.

3. Drinking way too much

This brings us back to our original point: just because you forget a party doesn’t mean other people won’t. Getting tipsy enough to keep things boisterous and entertaining? Good. Getting so hammered that you’re falling down and slurring your words? Embarrassing!

4. Starting a fight

Just don’t. Seriously.

5. Publicly hooking up

Okay, so you found a hottie who’s interested in you! Do everyone a favor and take them to a private place—and no, by “private place,” we do not mean the party host’s bed. Hooking up is fun and will earn you some mad props—but not if you’re hooking up in front of everybody.

So soldier on and stay classy, Party Pongers!

Have you ever made any embarrassing party faux pas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament

Alison Waite at the Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament and Party

If you were at the Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament and Party on July 30th at Cabo Cantina in Los Angeles, you would have seen for yourself how smoking hot Playboy Playmate Alison Waite really is.  Not only is she hot, but she happens to be extremely friendly, outgoing and fun!  After posing with the teams for a quick photograph on the red carpet, Ali couldn’t wait to cheer on the teams competing for their chance to win 2 tickets to a party at the Playboy Mansion.  If you regret not attending this beer pong tournament and party, you have one week to sign up for the Manhattan Beach tournament at Sharkeez on 8/27.

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Playboy Beer Pong Tables @ Playboy Beach House

Beer pong tables and naked Playboy girls are two beautiful things and when you put them together you have one epic party.  Which is exactly what it was at the Playboy Beach House party filmed in Malibu, CA and expected to air on the Playboy channel within the next month or two.  Of course Party Pong was invited and of course, a few members of the staff “HAD” to go.  The Playboy Beer Pong Table made several appearances over the weekend which included some heated matches by a few well-known celebrities.  No pictures were allowed, but we were able to get our hands on these photos just to prove we were there.

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