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Christmas Dish Beer Pairings

Ah, Christmas. Time for joy, presents, tons of food, and awkwardly hanging out with relatives. More importantly, time for parties! Nothing says holiday spirit like a festive game of beer pong–especially when you have a light up beer pong table to match your mistletoe! Holiday parties are not made by beer pong alone, however–Christmas is the perfect time to impress your friends and relatives with your detailed knowledge of how different beers can be paired with the best Christmas dishes!

Turkey with Lager

A light lager will help to offset the heaviness of the classic turkey, mashed potato, and gravy combination, and it acts as a palate cleanser between bites. Go for something a little more upscale than your usual fare, like a Belgian light lager–it’s the holidays, after all!

Glazed Ham with Rauchbier

Sweet and smoky glazed ham should be paired with a rauchbier–a smoky German beer–if at all possible. The smokiness of the beer complements the smokiness of the ham, and you’ll get bonus points talking about a type of beer that not everyone will have heard about. If you can’t find a rauchbier at your local shop, go for a rich oktoberfest-style beer instead.

Prime Rib with Porter

Grilled red meat pairs perfectly with the dark, malty flavor of a good porter–there’s the perfect balance of similarity and contrast to make the flavors of both the beer and the meat pop when you put them together. Just make sure that your porter isn’t too bitter, or it will overpower the meat.

Sweet Potatoes with Brown Ale

A malty, hoppy brown ale will match the sweetness of the potatoes but have just enough bite to cut through the glaze. This combo is good enough that you might just want to skip out on the rest of the meal (but you won’t because all the other pairings are awesome too).

Dessert with Stout

Let’s be honest–it doesn’t actually matter what dessert it is for us to say that you should pair it with stout. Pumpkin pie? Pair it with stout. Figgy pudding? Pair it with stout. Literally anything else sweet that’s served with piles of whipped cream? Pair it with stout. The big flavors in the stouts offset the sweetness of the desserts, and everyone feels better about life after dessert and stout are on the table. Bonus points with your family if you then play board games with them after dinner–no one else needs to know that you’ve invented your own scrabble drinking game for every time your aunt asks “what do I do with a Q?”

Want to learn more about beers?  Check out our post about The World’s Most Unusual Beers.

Have your own favorite holiday beer pairings? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Best Beer Pong Accessories

They say that no true party is complete without beer pong. They also say that no true game of beer pong is complete without the right beer pong accessories. They’re right, whoever “they” are. Fortunately, Party Pong has all the best beer pong accessories you’ll to take your next party to the next level of awesomeness.

First and foremost: tables! Party pong has all kinds of custom beer pong tables for you and your bros to play on–and we can emblazon them with anything from your favorite sports team’s logo to the iconic image of Miley Cyrus’s tongue. Get together with your bros and pick your favorite image, and turn your dreams into beer pong table plans.

No game of beer pong can be played without balls, and party pong definitely has your balls covered for your next big game. Did you know that your beer pong balls can also be customized to go with your table? Choose your favorite image or graphic, and put together some custom beer pong balls so that all your bros know that you’re the beer pong boss.

Finally, just as no party is complete without beer pong, no outdoor event is complete without cornhole. Since Party Pong makes custom cornhole boards, you can bring your biggest parties to the next level by customizing your cornhole boards as well. Make them match your beer pong table, or customize them with something completely different–just know that whatever you choose, your boards will make you the envy of everyone in town.

What do you want to feature on your custom beer pong table? Let us know in the comments!

Looking to improve your beer pong skills?  Learn what shoes are the best for improving your game.

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10 Best Beer Memes

When you and your bros are gathered around the beer pong table, epicness ensues. Your beer pong good times need to be remembered, and unfortunately, one hazard of losing a game or two is that you might not remember everything the next day. Fortunately, the internet! Here are some of the best beer memes that you can use as inspiration to immortalize your beer pong greatness.

First of all, there’s the beer itself.  As we all know, beer is basically sent from heaven to make us happy.

And at the party, it will convince you that you have abilities you had never before dreamed about.

But, it’s at the beer pong table where things really get interesting.

Sometimes, you level up.  And then you level up higher.

Wait, there’s no beer pong table at your spring break destination? We can work with that!

At the swimming pool rather than the beach? You can totally take your game underwater.

When you really think about it, you can play beer pong pretty much anywhere.

Play it in traffic.

Play it after a snowstorm.

Play it with elegance.

Play it with your birthday cake.

Play beer pong however and whenever you want. Because remember: beer is sent from heaven so that we can be happy.

Have you captured your beer pong epicness in meme form for the world to rejoice at? Share your glory in the comments!

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Best Thanksgiving Drinking Games

November is upon us, and that means one thing: Thanksgiving Drinking Games. Yes, of course Thanksgiving is all about family togetherness, and while that can be awesome (“fantastic stuffing, mom! I can’t wait for the pumpkin pie!”), it can also be kind of awkward (“uh…grades? Future plans? Life goals? What?”). But here at Party Pong’s we like to offer the best solutions that promise good drinking games while sharing strong family values, cause you know, family’s important dude. Introducing Friendsgiving: a Thanksgiving-style gathering with your closest friends, in which you feast, drink, and party with friends who feel just like family. And if not, figure out whose family is crazier too.

Once you’ve shared whatever potluck food you’ve all brought and are working your way into the booze, you might want to consider a few games to get to know your friends better. Personal favorite? A variation on “Never Have I Ever”. Instead of sharing embarrassing stories about drunken escapades, share your most awkward family holidays moments. “Never have I ever…had to help an older relative find her misplaced dentures. Never have I ever…walked in on visiting relatives getting it on.” Anytime someone has had that happen, they take a drink. So everyone gets to know each other better, with the added solidarity of knowing that they’re not alone in having found their rabidly teetotaler uncle pouring himself a double scotch.

Another great get-to-know-your-friends-better game is “would you rather,” in which you ask the collective which of two bizarre things they’d rather do. Examples can range from completely innocuous (“would you rather run a mile barefoot or walk 50 miles in shoes?’) to the incredibly salacious (insert two examples of things unfit for print).You can write these down ahead of time, but it’s more fun if you just go around the table and take turns providing the choices. Between the two choices, whichever group has the least amount of people must all drink. Collective drunkenness? Best way to get real with your bros.

These are two examples, but there are lots more out there. Consider a Thanksgiving themed party, dress up as a pilgrim, an indian, a turkey! At of course, lead it all up to a classic thanksgiving beer pong game of pilgrims vs indians. The holidays are a special time, make the most of it! What games are you planning on having at your Friendsgiving?

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