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How to host a massive beer pong party and not hate yourself the next day


Party Pong Beer Pong Party

Everyone loves a fantastic party full of beer pong! Everyone wants to go, get drunk, play pong, have a great time, and maybe get laid. Everyone dreams of hosting the biggest, most epic party imaginable.


And then, the next day, when your entire house smells like spilled beer, there are empty cups and beer cans everywhere, you can’t tell what color the floor is,  there are three strange people asleep in your bed, and you and all your bros are nursing hangovers…you’re going to hate yourself and everyone who came to the party, because while everyone else gets to stay in bed with their hangovers, you’re the ass who has to clean up.

Relax, bro. It’s not so bad. Here are the best ways to host an epic party at your house and not hate yourself the next day.

  1. Get a beer pong table that will set you up for success

The days or regular folding tables are over, bro. You will increase your epic-ness and reduce your cleanup woes if you use a dedicated beer pong table with pre-drilled holes to hold your cups. You gain bro points because dude, you actually have your own beer pong table. You gain morning-after points because you’ll have a hell of a lot less beer on the floor. If you really want to up the ante, get a custom table with a playmate emblazoned on the surface, and then get your bros to wipe off the table between games. After all, you can’t be disrespecting that playmate’s luscious boobs!

  1. Keep it outdoors

Do you have any outdoor space at all? Is the weather even slightly above freezing? Keep your party outdoors as much as possible. You’ll have more space to put people if you have indoor and outdoor action going on, and you’ll have less mess and spilled beer inside the house to deal with the next day. Plus, having most of the party taking place outside reduces the chances that you’ll find random strangers making out in your bed at the end of the night.

  1. Set up obvious places for your empty beer cans to go

It’s not rocket science, bro. Put out big trash bags in obvious places, and people will figure out that the empty cups and cans go there. People will barely notice during the party—sticking trash in trash bags is kind of automatic—but you’ll notice the next day, when you won’t have nearly as many random plastic cups all over your place.

  1. Pitchers of water

Yeah, we all know that half the point of a party is to get wasted, but make sure there’s water and other non-boozy stuff for people to drink. Hydration is good, and people are a lot more likely to remember to drink water if it’s out there and obvious. Believe us, everyone will be happier, both during the party and after, if there isn’t vomit in the sink.

  1. Stock up on your cleaning stuff ahead of time

You know that massive beer and supply run that you make before you host a party? When you get booze, chips and salsa, red solo cups, and whatever else you and your bros want for the big night? Add cleaning supplies to that supply run, and you’ll be a significantly happier person the next day. Think paper towels, extra trash bags, Swiffer stuff, Clorox wipes, a metric ton of febreeze…you get the picture. You might feel like a loser when you’re shopping, but believe us, your hangover will thank you the next day.

So. Now you know the secret to not hating yourself the morning after throwing an enormous party. What the hell are you waiting for bro? Next party’s at your place!

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Beer Pong Tips, Tricks & Strategies

The brilliant thing about beer pong is that there’s no one way to play it. There are all kinds of regional variations around the US, and pretty much every new group of beer pong players comes up with their own set of “house rules.”  We say, celebrate the diversity in the world of Pong! That said, no matter what set of rules you’re playing with, there are a few tips and tricks that can help your game no matter what. In no particular order, here are the things that can improve your technique and help you have a better game.

1. Maintain the optimal level of Intoxication

Everything in life is a bell curve, and the effect of beer on your pong game is no different. For a while, each sip of beer will grant you phenomenal cosmic powers…and then, suddenly, the effect will be completely reversed and your beer pong game will crash. To stay in your happy place at the top of the bell curve, drink strategically! Alternate your cups of beer with cups of water so you can stay buzzed and confident for as long as possible—and avoid the sorry state of affairs where you’re falling over or seeing double and can’t actually throw the ball.

2. Grip your balls well

Your beer pong balls! What did you think we were talking about!?!?!?

Believe it or not, the way you hold your balls does matter. The basic overhand grip is probably the most popular, but you can test out several others if that one isn’t working for you. Try out an underhand grip, or even a “peace grip,” where you hold the ball between your index and middle fingers, like you’re making a peace sign. Feel free to experiment!

3. Get your physics on

Beer pong is really about physics, which means that you should have paid a lot more attention in your high school science and math classes in order to improve your game. Success in beer pong is all about the arc! If the curve on your ball is a good parabola (shaped like our old friend, the bell curve), it’s less likely to bounce back out of the cup. A good arc will also give you more control in your aim. Experiment with your toss to get the perfect curvature so that your balls really go where you’re trying to send them!

4. Cross train

We’ve all heard of cross training for other sports, but few people consider that it’s important for beer pong as well. Play a game of basketball to practice your arc and get a larger ball through a hoop. Play some darts at the bar to increase your hand-eye coordination and your aim.

5. Practice, practice, practice

It’s how you get to Carnegie Hall, and it’s how you achieve the status of beer pong god. (Yes, those two things are completely equivalent). Nobody has to know you practice your beer pong throws by lobbing ping pong balls into cups of water in your kitchen when nobody else is around. It’ll be our little secret. If anyone asks, you’re just naturally blessed by the beer pong gods with a great grip, great aim, and a great arc. Just grin and let the accolades roll in!

Do you have a favorite tip or trick for upping your game? Can you regale us with tales of your epic practice sessions or your favorite grip or your personal secret to getting the best arc? Let us know in the comments!

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Sharkeez Beer Pong Tournament a Huge Success

Party Pong and Playboy just wrapped up the third and wildly successful Playboy Party Pong Tournament and Party this past Saturday at Sharkeez in Upper Manhattan Beach, California. Playmate, Heather Rae Young posed with teams on the red carpet, making for a dramatic, fun entrance from the start of the beer pong tournament. As team made their way to the beer pong tables in what was an epic first round series, the tournament atmosphere was filled with excitement and nervousness. All 32 teams competing for 2 free custom beer pong tables and 2 tickets to party at the Playboy Mansion, brought their A-games, for sure!  In the end, there was one team left standing and that team was Black & Mild.  Despite an 8 cup deficit in the semi finals, Team Black & Mild managed to battle their way back and advance to the finals where they proved to be the ultimate champions.  It may be cliche, but although the was only one winning team, everyone who attended Saturday’s Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament was a winner, as they enjoyed at least 2 refreshing beers, a chance to win their own Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Table, the company of Heather Young, and exciting beer pong action.

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Playmate Heather Young to Attend Beer Pong Tournament

February 2010 Playmate of the Month, Heather Rae Young

The third Playboy Party Pong Tournament and Party is scheduled to go down this Saturday, August 27 at 3 p.m. at Baja Sharkeez, located in Upper Manhattan Beach, California.  Luckily for everyone who is attending and competing in the beer pong tournament you will have the privilege and honor of meeting one of Playboy’s sexiest Playmates, Miss Heather Rae Young.  Heather will pose for photos with all of the competing teams and will have the opportunity to showcase her beer pong skills with a friendly game against the Playboy Party Pong Girls.  There are typical beer pong distractions and then there is Heather Young.  Heather Young’s looks may be the best distraction.  Check out the Playboy Beer Pong Table with Heather’s centerfold in the Playboy Beer Pong Tables section of the website.

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Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament

Alison Waite at the Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament and Party

If you were at the Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament and Party on July 30th at Cabo Cantina in Los Angeles, you would have seen for yourself how smoking hot Playboy Playmate Alison Waite really is.  Not only is she hot, but she happens to be extremely friendly, outgoing and fun!  After posing with the teams for a quick photograph on the red carpet, Ali couldn’t wait to cheer on the teams competing for their chance to win 2 tickets to a party at the Playboy Mansion.  If you regret not attending this beer pong tournament and party, you have one week to sign up for the Manhattan Beach tournament at Sharkeez on 8/27.

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2010 May Playmate of the Month, Kassie Lyn Logsdon

Miss May 2010 - Kassie Lyn Logsdon. Meet and take your picture with her at The Happy Ending Bar on Sat. July 23rd at 12 Noon.

Party Pong is proud to announce that Miss May, Kassie Logsdon, will help represent the future of beer pong.  We have successfully brought together the competitive awesomeness of beer pong and the most beautiful women in the World.  Kassie is from a small town located in the San Bernardino Mountains and quickly went from High School Hottie to a Playboy Playmate.  Apparently they breed super hot ladies out in San Bernardino because it was her high school friend and February 2010 Playmate of the Month, Heather Rae Young, who turned Playboy’s cameras onto the gorgeous Kassie Logsdon.  Saturday, July 23 at The Happy Ending Bar in Hollywood is your chance to meet Kassie.  Beer Pong and Beautiful Women…need we say more??

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The Playboy Party Pong Tournament & Party

Saturday, July 23rd, at The Happy Ending Bar & Grill in Hollywood, California marks the 1st Playboy Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament & Party.  This going to be an epic event that includes a 32 team beer pong tournament where the winning team will win 2 tickets to a private Playboy party at The Playboy Mansion.  Special guest appearance made by May 2010 Playmate of the Month, Kassie Logsdon will certainly get the party started the right way.  In addition to Kassie, there will be several of hot and flirtatious Playboy Party Pong Girls cheering on our competitors as they battle to become Playboy Beer Pong Champion.

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Beer Pong Tournaments Around the US

Looking for a regular beer pong tournaments in your area? Party Pong has found some weekly tournaments across the US.

Incahoots Country/Western Club in San Diego hosts a beer pong tournament every Sunday night. It only costs $10 to play, signups begin at 8:30 PM, and the games start at 9:00 PM. World Series of Beer Pong rules apply, and elimination is based on how many teams come out to play -16 teams: double elimination, 32 teams: single elimination. The prize is a 90% payout divided by how many teams are playing:
16 teams: 1st place 60%, 2nd place 30%
32 teams: 1st place 50%, 2nd place 25%, 3rd place 15%

Also on Sundays, Peabody’s in Tampa hosts a beer pong tournament. It costs $10/person or $20/team to play, and the first round starts at 11 PM. First place wins $100-$150, and second place gets a $50 bar tab.

In Vegas, McFadden’s at The Rio hosts a beer pong tournament every Thursday night. Signups start at 9:30 PM, and the games kick off at 10:45 PM. There’s open play until the first round starts. There are two options to buy into the tournament:
Option 1: Pay $10/team and get a free pitcher. Every pitcher afterwards is $5.
Option 2: Pay $20/team for all-you-can-drink domestic drafts.
The winning team receives a cash prize and can come back the next week for free.

Want to host a beer pong tournament of your own? Check out our Bar and Club specials. Party Pong offers bar/club entertainment packages that’ll get you everything you need to play and host a beer pong tournament in no time!

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New Addition to

Check out the new, “HOW TO HOST A TOURNAMENT” for information on how to successfuly host a beer pong tournament.

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