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5 Ways to Improve your BP Game this Year

It’s New Year’s Resolution time again, and what better way to start the new year than by resolving to improve your performance at the one thing that matters: beer pong! Here are 5 tips to improve your game and get better at beer pong in the new year–some of them might even help you develop other skills as well!


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The same thing that gets musicians to Carnegie Hall is the thing that will bring you to beer pong glory. You become better at everything through practice, and beer pong is no exception. Play at parties, play at bars, play plain old ping pong if you must, but the more time you spend hitting balls with paddles, the better a player you’ll be.


  1. Play Video Games

Yeah, you heard us right. Playing video games is actually good for you, no matter what your parents say. Video games have been shown to improve hand/eye coordination, which is a crucial skill in perfecting your beer pong shot and in making the epic saves that will win you the game. So if you really want to win at beer pong, get out your PlayStation and practice!


  1. Determine Your Technique

There are dozens of ways to hold and throw a ball, with detailed YouTube tutorials on every possible variation on beer pong technique. Try out all of them (bonus points if you practice with one of our customized beer pong balls), and you’ll figure out there’s probably one way in particular that works best for you. Practice that and make it your signature technique, and your muscle memory will carry you through game after game victorious.


  1. Pay Attention to Your Feet

That thing we said about trying out every possible technique for holding and throwing a ball? It applies to your stance as well. Contrary to popular belief, beer pong doesn’t just happen with your upper body–the way you stand, the bend in your knees, which foot is forward…these things all matter. So practice your stances, and find the one that works best for you and that supports your signature throw.


  1. Get Buzzed

When you’re playing beer pong at a party, there’s a certain level of intoxication inherent in the practice. If you practice your beer pong technique with a beer on board, you’ll develop your muscle memory with the same level of intoxication that you’re likely to have when you’re playing for real. So if you’re trying to figure out how to win at beer pong, one part of the answer is to practice with beer!

This is just a short list of beer pong tips that can help you win more games in the new year. If you need more tips, check out the Three Activities That Will Improve Your Beer Pong Skills.  Do you have other tips to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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Best Beer Pong Accessories

They say that no true party is complete without beer pong. They also say that no true game of beer pong is complete without the right beer pong accessories. They’re right, whoever “they” are. Fortunately, Party Pong has all the best beer pong accessories you’ll to take your next party to the next level of awesomeness.

First and foremost: tables! Party pong has all kinds of custom beer pong tables for you and your bros to play on–and we can emblazon them with anything from your favorite sports team’s logo to the iconic image of Miley Cyrus’s tongue. Get together with your bros and pick your favorite image, and turn your dreams into beer pong table plans.

No game of beer pong can be played without balls, and party pong definitely has your balls covered for your next big game. Did you know that your beer pong balls can also be customized to go with your table? Choose your favorite image or graphic, and put together some custom beer pong balls so that all your bros know that you’re the beer pong boss.

Finally, just as no party is complete without beer pong, no outdoor event is complete without cornhole. Since Party Pong makes custom cornhole boards, you can bring your biggest parties to the next level by customizing your cornhole boards as well. Make them match your beer pong table, or customize them with something completely different–just know that whatever you choose, your boards will make you the envy of everyone in town.

What do you want to feature on your custom beer pong table? Let us know in the comments!

Looking to improve your beer pong skills?  Learn what shoes are the best for improving your game.

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10 Best Beer Memes

When you and your bros are gathered around the beer pong table, epicness ensues. Your beer pong good times need to be remembered, and unfortunately, one hazard of losing a game or two is that you might not remember everything the next day. Fortunately, the internet! Here are some of the best beer memes that you can use as inspiration to immortalize your beer pong greatness.

First of all, there’s the beer itself.  As we all know, beer is basically sent from heaven to make us happy.

And at the party, it will convince you that you have abilities you had never before dreamed about.

But, it’s at the beer pong table where things really get interesting.

Sometimes, you level up.  And then you level up higher.

Wait, there’s no beer pong table at your spring break destination? We can work with that!

At the swimming pool rather than the beach? You can totally take your game underwater.

When you really think about it, you can play beer pong pretty much anywhere.

Play it in traffic.

Play it after a snowstorm.

Play it with elegance.

Play it with your birthday cake.

Play beer pong however and whenever you want. Because remember: beer is sent from heaven so that we can be happy.

Have you captured your beer pong epicness in meme form for the world to rejoice at? Share your glory in the comments!

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How to Make Beer Romantic


Romantic beer pong is way better than chocolates and flowers

Most of the time, when people think about romance, they think about wine and chocolate and flowers. Those things are alright, but we all know what’s better: beer! Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, your girlfriend might not agree. Here are the top five ways to make her change her mind.

  1. Craft beer tastings

If your girlfriend isn’t that crazy about beer, taking her to a craft beer tasting could be just the thing for a romantic day out.  Find a brewery in your area and call ahead to make the arrangements, then surprise her with roses and a special tasting to find out exactly which brews she likes.

  1. Romantic picnic

What could be better than a romantic picnic? A romantic picnic with really nice beer! Try a lambic or similarly fancy import to impress her, and make sure the picnic is full of all her favorite foods. Find a nice spot outdoors, or have a picnic on your living room floor…just be creative and have fun!

  1. Beer in a champagne bottle

Part of what your girlfriend likes about champagne is that it involves a bit of ceremony: you have the untwisting of the wire, the popping of the cork, the pouring of fresh bubbly into champagne flutes…Nowadays, though, there are fancy beers that come in champagne bottles, meaning that you can have the same amount of pomp and ceremony with something that you actually want to drink.

  1. Beer brewed with chocolate

We all know that chocolate is one of the main things that women want in life. But did you know that there are actually beers brewed with chocolate? Find one and give it to her, along with a box of actual chocolates, and the beer romance factor goes basically off the charts.

  1. Beer cocktails

Sometimes, only a fancy cocktail will do. Fortunately, there are beer cocktails that can be classy and romantic, like a Black and Red or a Black Velvet.


Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just a day that your girlfriend really wants to be romantic, you now know five different ways to incorporate your favorite beverage into whatever you do.

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Top Reasons your Workplace Needs a Beer Pong Table

Do you work in an office or on a team? Do you know what could seriously improve your work environment? A beer pong table. Now, it may seem like a hard sell; but if you confine your beer pong games to after-hours, the weekends, or social gatherings, a beer pong table could actually be just the thing your team needs to push your work to the next level! Consider the following evidence:

Beer Pong Boosts Morale

After a long day at the office, it’s easy for people to get tired and start resenting their job. However, a long day followed by a friendship-forming, stress-relieving game of beer pong? We can guarantee that the bit of fun with your coworkers will eliminate any lingering work-related anxiety and recharge the whole team.

Productivity will increase if there’s a reward at the end of the day
Sure, every job has its long-term rewards: getting a promotion, or the satisfaction of completing a big project. But people are driven by short-term rewards, too. If you set a goal and reward your team with a round of beer pong at the end of the day, they’re more likely to achieve their goals–and more likely to have fun while doing it.

Branding, branding, branding

Put your company or office logo on one of our custom beer pong tables and you’ll be able to show visiters your sense of humor and team spirit. Want people to have inexpensive take-homes? Try putting your logo on some of our custom beer pong balls! This will be sure to keep people talking.

Simply can’t make a decision? Let beer pong help you.

Look, there are all kinds of ways to make a decision. You’d be surprised at the number of times people can’t agree on important decisions and, at the end of the day, end up flipping a coin. A round of beer pong is better than a coin flip because it keeps the conversation going while loosening people up. The team will be much more likely to come to an agreement after a friendly competition at the beer pong table!

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Fingering & Blowing

Guys finger. Girls blow.

Now that we’ve got your attention…we’re talking about beer pong. Get your minds out of the gutter!

In some places, there are house rules about specific actions that players can take when a ball is spinning around the inner rim of a beer pong cup. On these occasions, guys may “finger” the ball out of the cup before it touches the liquid, and girls may blow on the ball to attempt to prevent it from landing in the cup.

These rules are fun at parties, where the potential for innuendo is pretty much unlimited and there’s likely to be a lot of flirting going on. If you’re playing in an actual tournament, though, these moves are actually not all that useful.

Why, you ask?

The biggest problems with the finger/blow rule are that 1) it’s really hard to judge if people are playing fair, and 2) it makes the game a hell of a lot longer.

When you have two teams separated by 8 feet of party pong table, judging whether people are playing fair is almost impossible. Was that ball actually clearly in the cup when the girl blew it out (and blew beer all over the table)? Had that ball already landed when that guy fingered it out? Unless you have a 3rd party present to arbitrate, these kinds of questions can lead to all kinds of frustration and even fights between the two teams. Since the whole point of playing beer pong is to be friendly and sociable, that kind of defeats the point. If you’re playing for fun, by all means, use the finger/blow rule and as many other randomly entertaining house rules you want. But if you’re playing for points, keep it simple so that it’s easy for everyone to both have fun and play fair.

Aside from fairness and keeping things friendly, the blowing/fingering rule adds a lot of time to the game.  Again, this is totally fine in a small group playing for fun context, but it can get irritating when you have a larger group and/or are playing for points. When players try to influence the beer pong balls as they’re circling the cups, rather than just letting gravity do its thing, they’re increasing the time of each play, which can make games last approximately forever. Particularly when your team is waiting to play, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a game of beer pong that just won’t end.

What’s your opinion on the blowing/ fingering of beer pong balls? Do you play with this rule? Let us know in the comments!

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Reusable Beer Pong Cups

The new Party Pong Reusable Beer Pong Cups are only $19.99 for a set of 22 cups

At Party Pong, we care about our planet and we care about saving money.  Hence, why we are introducing to the world of Beer Pong, the first ever set of reusable beer pong cups.  Party Pong accepts its responsibility to consider the environment while manufacturing its products.  The Plastic Party Pong Beer Pong Tables are manufactured using green energy in the U.S.A and now we are proud to start offering our reusable beer pong cups, also manufactured in the U.S.A.

Aside from the stunning graphics, these reusable plastic cups are top-shelf dishwasher safe.  These are not hard plastic stadium cups.  These cups are thin and lightweight, allowing pong balls to react to them the same way they react to standard keg cups.

Visualize this…the morning after an epic party at your apartment/house/whatever.  Beer Pong was, of course, the main event that took place until the wee hours of the morning.  As you take a look around, all you can see is a mess of red cups.  So the first thing you do is grab a garbage bag and fill it with cups to be sent to a landfill far, far away.  NOT ANYMORE!

With the Party Pong Reusable Beer Pong Cups, you simply stack them, rack them (in the dishwasher), and reuse them.  How many times have you had to run to the store for a set of cups after realizing there are none for beer pong?  NOT ANYMORE!  These cups are like a loyal pet, always there for you when you need them most.

So, not only are these cups eliminating the disposal of hundreds of thousands of red and blue keg cups, but the money that you used to spend on replacing cups every time you played beer pong can now be spent on more important things like, a round of delicious breakfast burritos the morning after an epic night of beer pong.

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