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Sexy Party Games

sexy party twister

Not quite the Twister you remember

Sure, sometimes it’s great to party with just your friends. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night of unfiltered trash-talking and divulging embarrassing details? Nonetheless, if you’re throwing a party and you’re expecting to encounter some sexy members of the opposite gender, we suggest breaking out a few party games of the adult variety. Here are four games that will be sure to bring you closer to the object of your desire in some way, shape, or form:

1. Underwear Musical Chairs

This game is similar to regular musical chairs, with one important variation: half of your party guests will already be sitting in the chairs, in a circle. When the music starts, the remaining half will walk in a circle; and when the music stops, the people walking will sit down in the lap closest to them. From here, anything goes.

2. Body Oil Twister

Did you know that Twister is more fun–and slightly more dangerous–if you grease up the mat first? The oil will not only add an extra degree of challenge to the game; it will also increase the likelihood that someone sexy will fall on top of you. We suggest challenging your chosen one to a one-on-one match.

3. Shaving Cream Slip ‘n’ Slide

You didn’t hear it from us, but if you use shaving cream you can break out a slip ‘n’ slide right in your hallway, without making (too much of) a mess. The water-free version is still slippery, but much easier to use indoors. And here’s the best part: to maintain the best traction, the girls will still want to be in bikinis.

4. Strip Beer Pong

Come on, did we really think we’d let this go without a mention? Strip beer pong is the ultimate in sexy party games; every time someone misses a shot, they’ll have to remove an article of clothing. You may just end up winning twice.

And hey, if all else fails, you can always find a sexy Playboy beer pong table to keep you entertained!

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15 Replies

  1. Strip Beer POng!!


  3. Strip Beer pong

  4. Baby oil twister is the leading cause for dislocated body parts in college lol


  6. Dustin Nelson Dec 6th 2011

    I’ve played strip pong before but the rest of these are all new haha. gotta try the musical chairs one day.

  7. William Dec 6th 2011

    Body tic-tac-toe ;)

  8. Lorraine Dec 6th 2011

    All great ideas, but why shaving cream Slip ‘n’ Slide? I would take the losers from Body Oil Twister and have them slide down the pre-oiled Slip ‘n’ Slide!!

  9. Mike D Dec 6th 2011

    Strip beer pong is where it’s at. Everyone feels comfortable playing it, and the guys tend to win. Everyone loves beer bong, so why not up the stakes and remove clothing.

  10. Annie Dec 6th 2011

    Yeah!! Beer pong rules my life!

  11. This would be even better with swimsuit models! xD

  12. Connor Gifford Dec 6th 2011

    strip beer pong

  13. Strip beer pong for sure.

  14. Jared Dec 6th 2011

    Strip pong it never lets you down…..

  15. Strip beer pong!!

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