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No Saint Patrick’s Day? No Problem.

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A friend of ours approached us recently and complained about having to miss out on what is undoubtedly one of the best beer-related holidays of the year: Saint Patrick’s Day. Now, we’re sure he’s not the only one; sometimes life just gets in the way of us celebrating some of the best holidays.

So in honor of those who had to work, who had other plans, who were sick, or who just had to deal with life, we present to you our list of The Best Beer-Related Holidays (that aren’t Saint Patrick’s Day). So drink up, play some beer pong, and never worry again if life prevents you from savoring some Guinness on your favorite holiday. For your reading pleasure, we are only including holidays that take place in mid-April or later.

Saint Monday–Any (or every! Monday)
Nobody likes Mondays. So in the 1800’s, clever tradesmen handled this by taking Mondays off for “union meetings.” They would then meet at their local pub or bar and drink in honor of Saint Monday. A fine tradition, if we’ve ever heard of one.

King Gambrinus Day–April 11
April 11 is the birthday of the respected Flemish King Gambrinus. Why should you care, you ask? Well, because King Gambrinus is credited with adding hops to malted brews to bring you the fine and delicious beer you know and love today! So drink up in honor of this pioneering man.

St. Arnold’s Day–July 18
Saint Arnold is the Patron Saint of Brewers. Need we say more?

International IPA Day—August 4
It’s not clear as to whetehr this is an official holiday or not, but we do know that thousands of IPA fans are doing their best to make it one. So knock back a cold, delicious India Pale Ale and celebrate.

International Beer Day—August 5
…And just in case you didn’t celebrate enough on August 4, there’s International Beer Day on August 5. So sip on a stout or guzzle a porter, and invite everyone over to play a rousing game of beer pong. And then never worry about missing out on a beer-related holiday again!

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24 Replies

  1. Vincent Benson Mar 26th 2012

    Party pong is the s**t

  2. Awesome

  3. mathieu drapeau Mar 26th 2012


  4. Meagan Martin Mar 26th 2012

    My roommates birthday is April 11 what a great day to break out the BP table!

  5. James Wardrick Mar 26th 2012

    I will be getting smashed on all these days. Hopefully using those free pong balls!

  6. Y’all have some sikk tables

  7. Jeremy Hedman Mar 26th 2012

    Awesome tables.

  8. 1st!!!

  9. Lisa H. Mar 26th 2012

    Whoever invented beer pong is a freakin genious!!

  10. Austin Gutz Mar 26th 2012


  11. Tony meuleners Mar 26th 2012

    I was beer ponging it up st.patricks day!! Champion!

  12. Kristin Case Mar 26th 2012

    I want one!

  13. Tracee Mar 26th 2012

    More excuses to enjoy some beers? I’m ok with that :)

  14. Hmmm. Apparently nobody wanted free balls? WTF?

  15. I think any and every day after march 25th is a good day to enjoy a cold one…or 10 or 20. Wait that starts today? Better get started then!

  16. I want a new table!!! Lol

  17. did i win ? :P lol

  18. love party pong

  19. Kelley GiLL Mar 26th 2012

    I always party on St. Arnold Day and hell why limit it to Monday just make it St. any day ending in y

  20. You have to have July 29th – National Chicken wing day!

  21. Sean B Mar 26th 2012

    did not know about august 4th but, will celebrate from now on !

  22. i love beer pong

  23. Justin Mar 26th 2012

    U guys make sick tables and ur awesmmm

  24. hell yea… did i win?? lol

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