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Holes vs. Triangles

Many of our customers, building their custom beer pong tables at, ask us whether or not we would recommend getting a beer pong table with pre drilled holes or vinyl triangles.  Every time, Party Pong will recommend getting a beer pong table with pre drilled holes for the playing cups and here’s why:  Imagine a game of beer pong where nothing is spilled on the floor.  With pre drilled holes, cups are securely resting only 2 inches into the table, but enough to prevent cups from sliding or spilling off of the table.  Party Pong used the 16 ounce, red party cups to determine the exact template measurement, ensuring that the rims of each and every cup perfectly touch one another.  The edges of the holes have been smoothed and are safe to touch.  Party Pong does recognize 2 stipulations to the pre drilled holes: 1.)  Some re rack formations are unable to be formed with the holes and 2.) the cups rest about 2 inches lower than the standard height of beer pong cups.  Our response: We feel the benefits far outweigh these 2 stipulations.  However, at Party Pong, we aim to please all.  Therefore, we also offer the vinyl triangle option on our beer pong tables, providing an outline for that infamous, beautiful beer pong rack.

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  1. Neal Trautloff Sep 6th 2011

    i like the no holes tables better because your not stuck only playing 10 cups or you have empty holes. a lot of times we paly 1 on 1 with 6 cups each. other times we get creative and space the cups out or make weird set ups. so the holes would prevent the creativity.

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