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The Top Five Most Embarrassing Mistakes You Can Make at a Party

Are you one of those people who thinks a party is the perfect excuse to let it all hang out? Think again. Contrary to popular belief, the morning after a party most people do remember what went on the night before. Luckily, we at Party Pong tables are here to remind you how to avoid the most embarrassing party pratfalls. So sit back, peruse this article, and make sure you don’t become the next campus legend for all the wrong reasons.

1. Being a sore loser

So you and your friends have broken out your favorite beer pong tables for a quick game. Things aren’t looking so great for your team, and you end up getting clobbered by the opponents. Do you:

a) Smile charismatically and make a joke about how you’re still the top player where it counts (in the bedroom)? Or do you:
b) Throw your beer pong balls across the room and run out sobbing about how the game was rigged?

Please, for the love of all that is holy, choose the first option. Losing a game can hurt your pride, sure, but if you smile and make jokes, there are still plenty of ways to come out on top.

2. Shamelessly pursuing a guy/girl who isn’t interested in you

We admire your optimism and your persistence. But if you get a couple of rejections in a row from the same person, move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea—but the uninterested fish you pursue relentlessly will hurt your chances.

3. Drinking way too much

This brings us back to our original point: just because you forget a party doesn’t mean other people won’t. Getting tipsy enough to keep things boisterous and entertaining? Good. Getting so hammered that you’re falling down and slurring your words? Embarrassing!

4. Starting a fight

Just don’t. Seriously.

5. Publicly hooking up

Okay, so you found a hottie who’s interested in you! Do everyone a favor and take them to a private place—and no, by “private place,” we do not mean the party host’s bed. Hooking up is fun and will earn you some mad props—but not if you’re hooking up in front of everybody.

So soldier on and stay classy, Party Pongers!

Have you ever made any embarrassing party faux pas? Let us know in the comments below!

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14 Replies

  1. Kristen Apr 30th 2012

    And I thought trying to use a beer pong table as a slip and slide was one of the five most embarrassing mistakes you could make at a party! Boy was I wrong!

  2. Neal Trautloff Apr 30th 2012

    Drinking way too much always sucks!

  3. Addison Garner Apr 30th 2012


  4. Tiffany Apr 30th 2012

    Do I win??

  5. Terry Trautloff Apr 30th 2012

    Sore losers have to leave the party

  6. I once slammed a full cup of beer into the table after that poor sportsmanship?

  7. Mark McMurray Apr 30th 2012

    I have done only one of those. I have drank wayyyyyy too much at a party before. It was my birthday and I ended up in the woods somewhere and wasn’t sure where I was

  8. how can you not make a mistake while your DRUNK!! lol

  9. Patrick Apr 30th 2012

    Aw man so true everyone of them

  10. Hooking Up in the restroom and broke the towel rack while giving the girl some fun time next day my buddy got in trouble cause he got caught cause of the towel rack

  11. cristie Apr 30th 2012

    Walked in on my best friend on top of my cousin at a friends party, his spare bedroom was off the living room.

  12. Joseph Reed Apr 30th 2012

    I can say that I have done none of the things in this blog. lol

  13. Oh so very true!

  14. lisa h Apr 30th 2012

    Beer Pong is awesome

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