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Don’t Drink Alone, Go Out and Play! Social Game Leagues Offer Beer Lovers a Great Chance To Show Their Skills.

Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Drunk Ball, and many other drinking games are expanding their reach. They remain an excellent past-time for friends gathered to enjoy an afternoon of camaraderie and are, of course, a staple of parties nation-wide. But a rising demand for organized venues by people who are tired of beating, or losing-to, the same crowd has motivated social sports leagues to expand their offerings.

In many areas flag-football and dodge ball leagues have begun offering bar leagues. These organized drinking game leagues team up with local venues. Some bars have the facilities already set up for games such as shuffleboard, candlepin, or indoor bocci. Others don’t have the facilities full time, but are more than willing to allow a league to set up portable beer pong tables on a week night in exchange for the money made from the league buying beer.

The benefits of participating in a beer pong league (or any other drinking game of choice) are all about fun. You meet new people, witness new techniques, and possibly drink new beers. And the people are the kind you want to spend time with, after-all they also put in the effort to find and join a beer pong league. But just as important, you have a scheduled time to write on your calendar “I am having fun now!”

So, if meeting new people and showing them your beer pong skills sounds like a worthwhile pursuit the next step is to find, or form, a league in your area. Because leagues are less likely to succeed if there are too many in one area, start with a general search; “Social Game League (insert location)” will likely turn up anything already in your area. Looks like the local league is still limited to flag football? Give them a call before you give up, they may have it and suck at advertising. Check offline, as many meetings of Beer Pong Leagues are listed in the social section of a local paper. And if that doesn’t work, take your own table to the local bars and find a location to get one going.

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