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How to Choose the Right Beer Pong Table for Your Needs: A Primer

So you’ve given it some thought and you’ve decided to take the plunge. Congratulations! You’re getting a beer pong table! But before you pick out your little bundle of joy (we’re still referring to the table, of course), keep in mind that different table options suit different types of people. Below are some different options we offer on the beer pong tables we sell, and who they’re going to be good for:

Aluminum Tables (AKA “The Professional” “The Offiicial” “The One & Only”)

This sleek and classy table is designed for everyone.  The aluminum table is the lightest and most easily transportable of all tables, and it folds into a case so you can take it with you on your jet-setting, crime-fighting tours.


Table Options

Don’t forget, the most important part of purchasing a Party Pong Table is adding from a number of awesome options. Fit your table to your personality by adding the following

Custom Graphics, Table Color, Holes, Triangles, Left & Right Side Glow Lights, Speakers.

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8 Replies

  1. I’d love to go with the wood look, nice heavy and old school. But with college age people and questionable beer pong skills, always best to go with plastic!

  2. Jason bam pertzborn Jun 13th 2012

    Does this mean i get a towel. lol

  3. Will Martins Jun 13th 2012

    I prefer the wooden tables. They seem to be the most reliable and easiest to bounce on

  4. Garrett Edwards Jun 13th 2012

    With the way my parties go I’d definitely need a plastic table lol

  5. clayton colley Jun 13th 2012

    I love these tables!

  6. I went with wood its easily the nicest choice compliment it with speakers bada boom! I through an eye hook on it to hang accessories

  7. Justin mata Jun 13th 2012

    U guys r awesummmmm

  8. Hannah Summers Jun 13th 2012

    …aaaand if you’re really desperate, take a door off it’s hinges. Works perfect. :)

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