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10 Best Beer Memes

When you and your bros are gathered around the beer pong table, epicness ensues. Your beer pong good times need to be remembered, and unfortunately, one hazard of losing a game or two is that you might not remember everything the next day. Fortunately, the internet! Here are some of the best beer memes that you can use as inspiration to immortalize your beer pong greatness.

First of all, there’s the beer itself.  As we all know, beer is basically sent from heaven to make us happy.

And at the party, it will convince you that you have abilities you had never before dreamed about.

But, it’s at the beer pong table where things really get interesting.

Sometimes, you level up.  And then you level up higher.

Wait, there’s no beer pong table at your spring break destination? We can work with that!

At the swimming pool rather than the beach? You can totally take your game underwater.

When you really think about it, you can play beer pong pretty much anywhere.

Play it in traffic.

Play it after a snowstorm.

Play it with elegance.

Play it with your birthday cake.

Play beer pong however and whenever you want. Because remember: beer is sent from heaven so that we can be happy.

Have you captured your beer pong epicness in meme form for the world to rejoice at? Share your glory in the comments!

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How to Prep for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest…that yearly ritual when we all want to be in Germany and curse the fact that we can’t afford plane tickets. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to celebrate Oktoberfest here in the US. Number one way to celebrate? Beer pong!

Obviously, you should start out with an awesome beer pong table. You could keep it simple with a cheap beer pong table without graphics, but you could also get into the spirit of things with our Medieval table, or keep it classic with the Original wood grain. Or think about the possibilities inherent in a custom beer pong table…German beer wench design, anyone?

Second, you’ll want to get some awesome Oktoberfest beer. Whether you play beer pong with it or just have it around to drink before or after is up to you, but there are tons of awesome German and German-style beers around for this season, and the prices can range from super cheap to holy crap expensive. Buy whatever you want, but remember to shout “Prost!” and clink red solo cups with your bros every time you take a swig. It’s the German way!

Finally, get some sausage, cheese, pickles, and pretzels for you and your bros to nosh on between games. German food is basically perfect party food! Between taking swigs of beer, playing pong on a beer pong table emblazoned with a buxom beer wench, and eating gigantic bratwurst, you’ll be as close to Oktoberfest as you can possibly get without flying to Munich.

One final word? No matter how much you want to pretend that you’re in Germany…don’t wear lederhosen. Just don’t.

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Flipadelphia Beer Pong Table At Comic Con

Everyone here at Party Pong loves the FX Original Series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”  So much so, that we manufacture the official beer pong tables sold online at the FX Networks Always Sunny Store.  When they asked us  to ship a table down to San Diego for use at the Maxim/FX party, we did just that.  Here is a picture of the beer pong table being used for a classic game of Flip Cup or in this case “Flipadelphia.”

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Party Pong in Penthouse Magazine

Strippers and Beer Pong equals Strip Beer Pong

Penthouse Cover

June 2009 Penthouse Magazine Cover

Strippers Playing Strip Beer Pong

Actual Page from Penthouse Magazine featuring Howard TV's Strip Beer Pong

Penthouse Magazine Page 2

It's true, pictures can be worth more than a million words

Hot, naked, models and beer pong go together beautifully.  Penthouse magazine and Howard Stern completely agree.  In the June 2009 issue of Penthouse Magazine, Penthouse featured a 3 page article dedicated to Howard TV’s great idea to host a Strip Beer Pong Tournament with some very hot strippers.  I know it’s overwhelming to read the words “Penthouse Magazine,” “Strippers,” and “Beer Pong,” and not immediately get distracted and want to party, but we must point out the fact that the Strippers playing Strip Beer Pong were playing on a Custom Wood Party Pong Beer Pong Table.  Customized with the Howard TV logo, the Wood Party Pong Table was lucky enough to embrace the craziness of Strip Beer Pong.  Take a look at the pictures and you can see the wood table cameo…and yes we agree, it sucks that we have to put stupid, black stars over the nipples.  Send us a contact email if you want a copy of the unedited version.

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CBS College Sports Beer Pong Table

A recent custom beer pong table we sold to CBS College Sports for some local tailgating which, of course ,must have included playing beer pong.  The #1 television network in the country buys custom beer pong tables at

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Playboy Beer Pong Tables @ Playboy Beach House

Beer pong tables and naked Playboy girls are two beautiful things and when you put them together you have one epic party.  Which is exactly what it was at the Playboy Beach House party filmed in Malibu, CA and expected to air on the Playboy channel within the next month or two.  Of course Party Pong was invited and of course, a few members of the staff “HAD” to go.  The Playboy Beer Pong Table made several appearances over the weekend which included some heated matches by a few well-known celebrities.  No pictures were allowed, but we were able to get our hands on these photos just to prove we were there.

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Playboy Girls with Playboy Beer Pong Table

Party Pong gave Playboy Radio a free beer pong table for their morning show and sometimes when you do nice things you get nice pictures sent to you.  The ladies were clearly showing their love for the US and one of many awesome beer pong tables that were sent to them.  Build your own custom Playboy beer pong table now at!

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Party Pong in Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine

Party Pong and Playboy team up to sell the HOTTEST beer pong tables

There are those who think beer pong is fun, and there are those who consider it a sport.  For the latter, Playboy has created the perfect piece of party equipment.  Crafted to meet the needs of true pong enthusiasts, the Playboy Beer Pong Table is durable, built to ideal specification (two and a half feet by two feet by eight feet) and comes with Rabbit Head Balls.  It also folds easily into a portable case, so pong devotees never have to leave home without their game.  Available at for $150.

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Official Party Pong Beer Pong Commercial

Have you ever wondered what a commercial for beer pong tables would sound like?  Our good friends over at  104.9, The Beat, in Austin, Texas threw together this badass commercial for us.  If you’re not convinced beer pong and partying go together, just listen to this.

Posted 10 years, 1 month ago at 10:51 am.

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Red Bar Radio Plug

The guys over at asked us for a Party Pong Beer Pong Table.  Of course, we wanted to show them what we got and customized their very own Red Bar Radio Beer Pong Table.  Listen to what they had to say about it!

Posted 10 years, 3 months ago at 4:06 pm.

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