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Awesome Things To Do When the Power Goes Out

The recent heat waves in California caused a 3 hour power outage last week and got us thinking…what do we do to entertain ourselves if the power goes out??

You can always play beer pong on a Party Pong Table with new Glow Lights.  DON’T play pong or any other game involving moving objects by candlelight—the reasons for that should be pretty obvious. But as long as you’ve got a crowd and all the necessary equipment, go for it! It will make a great story to share with your friends who were less well-prepared and spent powerless hours draining their smartphone batteries by obsessively checking the department of water and power’s website. Take photos and earn bragging rights when you finally have Facebook again.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have your Party Pong table nearby when the lights go out, or you lack non-flammable light sources, never fear. There are plenty of games you can play with no light—the best ones are throwbacks to being thirteen at summer camp. Truth or Dare?  Truths get racier the more drunk you get, and dares get more ridiculous. Go to a professor’s office hours in your boxers! Ask someone out while standing on your head! Dares can also wait until the power comes back on to execute, which gives you plenty of anticipation points to help you pass the evening. Variations can also include tales of your exploits from ages past—swap stories about the crazy things you did when you actually were thirteen at summer camp, and take a drink every time someone says “camping,” “hot counselor,” “saddle sores,” or “poison ivy.”

If none of those work for you, there’s always the tried-and-true pastime of singing drinking songs. Think beyond “99 Bottles of Beer”—you can turn “Old Mac Donald” into a dirty drinking song if you’re sufficiently creative about it. And the drunker you get, the more inventive your lyrics will be. If you’re not too drunk to hold a pencil, write your songs down for posterity, and do a dramatic reading of them next time you’re sober.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive.  Comment and let us know what you would do if the power goes out!


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13 Replies

  1. Rebecca Lenz Sep 18th 2013

    Wahoo 1st comment!! Love the website and the tables are sick

  2. Katie Vance Sep 18th 2013

    My husband and I LOVE our Party Pong table, and will certainly use it in the case of a power outage!!

  3. Clay Ehler Sep 18th 2013

    That would be pretty sweet to have glow light for my pong table. maybe a new investment might be in the near future

  4. Zach Davis Sep 18th 2013

    When the power goes out… I find it a pwrfect time to sleep… no bothers, no obligations and I get incredible sleep… or I go crash a friends house and consume all their beer… .either way it makes for a good time… now does it count if we are the 1st and 10th person to comment?

  5. No better thing to do with the power’s out, than BeerPong!

  6. Great ideas!

  7. James W Sep 18th 2013

    Going to have to try all these. Power goes out here alot…

  8. The new glow lights make me want to order a new table

  9. William Laue Sep 18th 2013

    No power and no lights is always a fun time when alcohol is included! If you have an awesome lighted table from party pong or playing throwback games with the addition of some drunken friends:p

  10. William Heck Sep 18th 2013

    First comment!

  11. comment!

  12. Wa Vuong Sep 18th 2013


  13. Neal Trautloff Sep 18th 2013

    Fun stuff!

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