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Appropriate Beer Pong Clothing: Jerseys & Uniforms

We’ve previously posted about how shoes can impact the great sport of beer pong, and which shoes you should be wearing to score your big wins. But there is another aspect of beer pong’s sports culture that must be considered… Jerseys and Uniforms!

If you have an official league (or are starting one!) there are a few beer pong jersey elements that are pretty much standard, even though they’ve never been formally codified. They consist of…wait for it…pants or shorts of some variety…and a shirt or jersey of some variety. Shocking! Turns out that people who play beer pong, even for honor and glory in the official leagues, mostly want to be comfortable and be able to move, while still showing their team affiliation and their pride in the game. So while they might have matching jerseys in their favorite colors, or screenprinted mascots plastered on their t-shirts, beer pong clothes are really just that—clothes.

So what should you actually be thinking about when you’re planning on what to wear to the big game? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Can you move in your clothing? If you can’t run around and maybe take a flying leap for that epic shot, rethink your ensemble.
  2. Is it super hot/ super cold out? Materials that wick moisture are fabulous during the warmer months. Fleecy clothes are better for the winter.
  3. Are you taking your game seriously as a sport? Or are you taking your game seriously as a freaking good time? Choose one or the other and dress to match.
  4. Are you sexy and you know it? Flaunt it! Wear something hot! Show some skin! (But not in the middle of winter. See above).
  5. Are you sexy and you don’t know it? Refer to #4.

Or, you know, wear whatever the hell you want.  Because it’s a party. And it’s beer pong. And as long as you’re playing the game and getting drunk, who cares about anything else?

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