Party Pong Tables, Portable Affordable, Quality Beer Pong Tables
Welcome to the Party Pong Affiliate Program!

The Party Pong Affiliate Program is a unique way of partnering with companies and websites like yours.  Our affiliate program software makes joining very easy and does not require any technical experience. Our affiliate program involves zero cost on your end and commission for every order placed on our site, sent to us from yours. 

More specifically, our affiliate program pays you 10% of the retail price on any order tracked from your site to ours.  We simply provide you with an awesome, animated banner that you may place on your website, e-mails, and anywhere that you market.  When a user clicks on the links, they are brought to our website, the affiliate software immediately begins to track the users activity and you will earn a sale based on your commission type.  We have a sophisticated method of tracking this that can also be visible from your end as well.  Party Pong offers over 2,000 different combinations of tables with retail prices ranging from $89.99 to $409.99.  This means, depending on table quantities the user purchases, you may earn 10% on anywhere from $89.99 - $2,000 and more!

The only thing you really have to do is fill out a brief sign up form which takes 2 minutes and then you simply add banners to your site. If you are a webmaster, web developer, hosting provider or any type of Internet technology provider then our products fall right in line with what you already do, so you are guaranteed to have success with our program.