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Party Pong Beer Pong Tournament Division

Tournament Notes

1.) Registration
a.Participants may register and pay online or at the door
i. Online registrations at (your website)
ii. Door registration at entrance to Venue
b. Cover Charge
i. No cover charge for beer pong tournament participants
ii. Those playing in tournament will pay entry fee (if they haven’t paid online) at the door and receive a wristband or some form of participant identification. Every team will play a minimum of 2 games.
iii. A printout of those who registered and paid online will be at the door as well.
c. Tournament Rules will be handed out at Registration

2.) Promoting
a. Flyers, banners, announcements at location prior to event
b. E-mail blasts
c. Flyers, signs, etc. at local bars & clubs
d. Online message boards
e. Local school and city papers

3.) Sponsorships
a. Looking for about 5 total, equal sponsors for about $100/ea.
i. Logos and Ads placed all over the tournament tables
ii. Banners hung in and around venue
iii. Signs posted around tournament area
iv. Announcements made during tournament
v. Logos and Brand placed on all promotional material
vi. If there is a local magazine, request photographers to come to event and put in magazine for next month.
1. Or check to see when ad submission deadlines are, to see if you can advertise in an exchange for sponsorship

4.) Execution
a. The number of tournament Party Pong Beer Pong Tables needed equals half of the total number of tournament teams (i.e. For a 32 team tournament, 16 Party Pong Beer Pong Tables needed).
b. Designated area, free of clutter and distractions must be assigned for the tournament.
c. A designated section of the bar or venue must be available to tournament participants with wristbands for quick, easy access to beer.
d. Tournament should be run by a facilitator who clearly understands tournament rules.
e. Tournament rules will be read before tournament begins with instructions on table numbers and where to get beer or water for tournament
f. The first round will commence on all 16 tables.
i. Losers of the first round will begin a side tournament for a smaller "3rd place", prize.
ii. Every team will play at least 2 games of beer pong
g. Beer Pong Tables will be closed and set aside as each round closes, sticking with the tournament beer pong table formula from above.
h. Photographer will be shooting the event and passing out "business cards" with web address where pictures will be posted. This is a great way to bring customers to your website.

5.) Conclusion
a. Beer Pong Tournament winners will be awarded prizes.
b. All beer pong tables will be closed and easily moved.
c. Clean up and preparation for the next successful beer pong tournament begins.