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When playing cornhole, you might be surprised at just how much strategy can be involved in playing such a seemingly simple game! Here is a set of cornhole tips for making the most of each inning of each game. 
The first thing to think about as you devise your cornhole strategy is physics (don’t worry, this isn’t an exam!). But a good understanding of how objects move through space in general is great for helping you figure out how corn bags move in relation to your arm, the air, the ground, and the board. What kind of arc do you need to cover the optimal amount of distance? How much slide will get your bag from the bottom of the board into the hole? Spend some time watching your friends play, and you’ll get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, which you can then apply to your own strategy for playing cornhole. 
The second thing to look at in your cornhole strategy is the way you throw the corn bag. There are plenty of different tips around on the best way to throw the bag, but a lot comes down to trial and error in terms of figuring out what works best for you and what you can replicate enough to create a strategy for your cornhole game. Tips to consider for your throw include: 
     a.) Stance: do you plant your feet or take a step as you throw? Try both and see what feels most natural to you. 
     b.) Swing: a gentle underhand is what works best for most people, but every now and then someone prefers an overhand throw. Again, experiment!
     c.) Grip: how are you holding the bag? Cupped in your palm? Pinched at one corner? Folded over? Flattened like a frisbee? 
     d.) Spin: some people swear by adding a little bit of spin to the bag as they throw it, while others prefer a straight throw. Which works best for you?
As you can see, the main cornhole tip we have is to experiment! Have you found a strategy that works well for you?