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Cornhole Rules 

Go to any outdoor party in America, and you’re likely to find people playing cornhole. What is cornhole? We’re so glad you asked! Also known as corn toss and bean bag toss, cornhole is a lawn game that has been popular in the US for decades. Here’s how to play cornhole:
How do you play cornhole?
To play cornhole, players attempt to throw bean bags full of corn onto or through a hole on a raised platform called a cornhole board. Players from opposing teams alternate throwing each of their four bean bags toward the board on the opposite side of the play area. After each round, bags are thrown back towards the other board.
How many players can play at one time?
Two or four players can participate in cornhole at one time, depending whether you’re playing singles or doubles. The rules for corn hole are the same either way, with players in a doubles game alternating turns for their team.
How is cornhole scored?
Each bean bag that lands on the cornhole board scores one point, and bags that make it into the hole score 3 points. In standard scoring, the first team or player to reach 21 points. The only exception to this is if one team scores 7 or more points before their opponents score any points. In this case, the game is called a “skunk,” and the team with 7 or more points wins.  
Cornhole can also be scored using “cancellation scoring,” in which corn bags in the hole and on the board of the opposing team can cancel each other out. The game is still played to 21 points but only bags that aren’t cancelled out are counted in the score.  For example, if your team has one bag in the hole and another one on the board, and your opposing team has one bag in the hole and two bags on the board after all bags are thrown, the opposing team gets 1 point, and you get 0. 
What equipment do you need?
All you need in order to play cornhole is a set of two cornhole boards, a set of 8 beanbags (4 for each player), and a flat surface in which to set up your game. For more information on equipment and setup, check out our page on cornhole dimensions. 
What else do I need to know?
Playing cornhole is awesome, and the cornhole game rules are easy to learn and master. Go forth and play!
Still have questions on the rules for playing cornhole? Let us know in the comments!