Licensed Playboy Beer Pong Tables are sold exclusively online at starting at only $179.99.  What could be better than playing beer pong on a custom beer pong table staring down at the iconic Playboy Bunny Logo or some of the hottest Playboy Playmates ever!?  Party Pong is the exclusive manufacturer and retailer of Licensed Playboy Beer Pong Tables and like our other Custom Beer Pong Tables, customers can choose between the Aluminum, Plastic and Wood Beer Pong Table models.  Simply scroll over each beer pong table model to read about each table’s main features and selling points. There are a few main features that distinguish each of the beer pong table models from one another.  The aluminum beer pong table conveniently folds into a 2 foot by 2 foot briefcase allowing one to easily transport the table from party to party.  However, the plastic beer pong table is guaranteed to not break for up to 1 year after the table is delivered when the table is used for beer pong.  The plastic and wood beer pong tables are also available with pre-drilled holes for the beer pong cups.  The wood beer pong table is the most sturdy, strong, and fancy of the 3 beer pong tables.  If you are looking for a quality piece of furniture for you Playboy Beer Pong Table, the wood table provides all of the features necessary to enjoy Beer Pong for many, many years.  The Playboy Beer Pong Tables represent everything that is necessary for a party to reach its ultimate potential.  Girls, beer pong and Playboy make parties and memories.  Don’t underestimate the power of the Playboy brand and the quality of Party Pong custom beer pong tables.

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