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Three Activities That Will Improve Your Beer Pong Skills

Okay, we are aware that you can’t play beer pong all the time. You’re a busy person, with classes to get to, people to meet, and a resume to build. But did you know that certain extracurricular activities will actually improve your beer pong skills while making you a better, more well-rounded person? It’s true! Below, our top three “cross-training tips.”

1. Volunteer to coach a Little League team.

Volunteering for a children’s sports team—whether it’s baseball, soccer, or golf—will do wonders for your hand-eye coordination. If you’re teaching a child to sink a basket, block a goal, or hit a home run, you’re also training yourself to make difficult shots from far away. Additionally, putting up with children is a great way to learn good sportsmanship. And it never hurts to add a little volunteer activity to your resume!

2. Take Up Golf

beer pong practice

Just practicing my beer pong skills!

There are more similarities between golf and beer pong than you might think: both games involve directing a ball to a small, specific area; and if you become good at one game, chances are, the other will become much easier. Golf is also a great way to meet people you might want to impress someday. Plaid attire is optional.

3. Play Video Games

We’re about to give you a valid excuse to play video games. You’re welcome! Studies have shown that playing video games improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time, two important skills to take to the beer pong table. So next time you need to relax and sit down in front of the Xbox, just consider it practice.

And now that you’ve rounded out your life, step in front of your favorite beer pong table and prepare to dominate.

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  1. Great Blog! I really enjoyed reading it! already taking up golf.

  2. Sarah Burke Apr 17th 2012

    Awesome- I practice a lot, but on my ps3!

  3. Golf vs Beer Pong: getting a little white ball in the hole on the other side. It all makes sense!

  4. Looks like I’m gonna evgetting drunk ad playin a lot of golf this summer…

  5. Sweet

  6. Matthew Apr 17th 2012

    You forgot option 0: Drink more.

  7. Sammie Apr 17th 2012


  8. Beer rules

  9. Sweet article.

  10. Awsome work that you do. Love the tables.

  11. John Baadilla Apr 17th 2012

    first comment!

  12. cedrick Apr 17th 2012

    I love beer pong!

  13. Woohoo am I a winner I need stuff to go with my table!

  14. i want a free beer opener

  15. Tony meuleners Apr 17th 2012

    I rock at beer pong but suck at golf… guess it doesn’t work for me :(

  16. William Apr 17th 2012

    AWESOMEEE!!! I want the free bottle opener!

  17. Tony Stevenson Apr 17th 2012

    Great Advice am i the first comment

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