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Improving Your Game: The Best Shoes to Wear for Playing Pong

If you’re serious about playing beer pong as a sport and not just as a game to get wasted at parties, you’ll want to start looking at ways to improve your performance. Other athletes in other sports think about things like how their shoes affect their performance, and it’s high time that, as legitimate athletes, beer pong players should do the same. Here are some of the things to think about when you’re looking at shoes in which to play beer pong.

  1. Sneakers

If you’re really serious about the game, you probably want to get yourself to a running store and choose your shoes with the same care you’d use in choosing shoes for a marathon. Do your feet tend to pronate your feet, or do you roll them outwards? Which part of your foot absorbs most of the shock when you jump vertically to score that epic point? Investing in good running shoes tells the world that you’re seriously hardcore when it comes to your chosen sport.

  1. Sandals

Sneakers are great, but sometimes it’s hot out. Sometimes you’re at the beach. Sometimes you just really don’t want to wear sneakers. It’s okay. Sporty sandals are your friends. Pick a pair that you could go hiking in, a pair for running, jumping, and climbing trees. They might not be quite as hardcore as sneakers, but high-tech sandals can still give you that competitive edge.


  1. Glove shoes

Love them or hate them, the glove shoes with the individually articulated toes do have some distinct advantages when it comes to sports. They give your feet their full range of motion, making it easier to run, jump, and land. You get the au naturel feeling of being barefoot without having to worry about stepping on nails, broken glass, or whatever nastiness is on the floor at 2am during a frat party. The jury is out on how hardcore these toe shoes are, but as long as whatever you wear on your feet comes from a pure place of wanting to be all that you can be at the pong table, that’s hardcore enough for us here.


What are your favorite shoes for playing beer pong? Tell us here!

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Best Songs for Drunk Group Karaoke

You know that feeling, when you’re at a karaoke bar and can’t for the life of you figure out a single song that your group can manage to perform? Never fear, here’s a list of the top five karaoke songs for you and your buddies to belt out at the top of your lungs (and get the rest of the bar to join in)!

1.       Journey—Don’t Stop Believin’

You know it, “it goes on and on and on and on”…It’s infectious, a rock anthem, and everyone knows it. Great for pretty much any point in the evening, on any given night out.

2.      Bohemian Rhapsody—Queen

This song is a huge classic– everybody knows it but very few people actually know all the words. Test which of your friends can actually do the “scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango” section without tripping over the words—then buy them another beer so they won’t be able to replicate the feat.

3. Celebration—Kool & the Gang

This is the ultimate song for the big party, whether it’s your graduation, your best friend’s wedding, or just your best friend’s 21st birthday (for the 3rd or 4th time). “Cel-e-brate good times, come on!” Sing it midway through the evening, when everyone’s feeling great and the party is rocking on.

4. Wonderwall—Oasis

This is the song when you’re just drunk enough that you think singing group karaoke to a potential love interest is a really good idea. “Because maybe (maybe)…You’re gonna be the one that saves me (saves me)…” As long as you don’t actually announce that you’re dedicating the song to someone specific, you’re fine.

5.  Friends in Low Places—Garth Brooks

This is the song for the end of the night, when you’re totally sloshed and thoroughly enjoying the fact that you’ve gone “down to the O-oasis!” Best sung when you’re all at the point of drunkenness that everyone in your general vicinity is your best friend and you can sway together with your bottles held aloft.

So there you have it: instant inspiration. Go forth and lift your bottles and voices in song!


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Pumpkin Pong

As Halloween approaches, you’ll want to make your parties Halloween themed without succumbing to cheesy trick-or-treat type gimmicks. One solution? Take your classic beer pong and turn it into pumpkin pong. This is a labor-intensive adaptation of the game, so you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time and maybe enlist a friend or two to help.

You’ll need a minimum of 20 small pumpkins, one for each of the cups you would normally use for a regular game. Given that things can get knocked over, and in the presence of drunk people accidents are likely, you’ll probably want to have at least 5 extra pumpkins on hand. Maybe more, if your friends are klutzes.

Take however many pumpkins you’ve decided on using, cut off the tops, and scoop out the insides like you’re making a jack-o-lantern. If you’re really ambitious, you can save and roast the seeds to snack on during the party. Once the pumpkin innards are clean, keep the pumpkin shells in the refrigerator until they’re ready to be used.

When gametime comes, set up the hollowed-out pumpkins and fill them with beer, just like you would for a normal tournament, and play just like you normally would. Once you’re finished, feast on roasted pumpkin seeds and Halloween candy, and congratulate yourself and your friends on giving your favorite holiday from when you were five a truly grown-up twist.

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Build the Ultimate Beer Pong Table

You realize that you have to be back at college in just a few short weeks, right? You want to have the most awesome party house on campus this year, right? Well, we have three words for you that can make it happen: Beer Pong Table. You need one. And not just any beer pong table, because the guy who lives two buildings over already bought or made his own boring beer pong table. You need the Ultimate Beer Pong Table. And we’re going to tell you how to get it.

Get the right start: We love all kinds of beer pong tables, we really do. But if your goal is to have the most awesome beer pong spot on campus, you have to go classy. Start with a wood beer pong table and get a bonus 100 Classiness Points. Think “I don’t always play beer pong, but when I do I play it on a premium wood beer pong table with a water-proof sealant coating”.

Get the girl: Have you heard that we’re partnered with Playboy to put hot girls on every inch of your beer pong table? Well, now you know. There is nothing more distracting to your beer pong opponent (other than the increasing intoxication) than trying to focus on cups that are sitting just beyond the half-covered bosom of a Playmate. There are dozens of images to choose from and you really can’t go wrong. You’re combining sexy ladies, beer, and competition all on one table here!

Get upgraded: Don’t stop now, you’re almost at maximum awesomeness. What if we told you that you can combine sexy ladies, beer, competition, and music all into one amazing table? Mind blown? Scoop your jaw up off the floor and let’s talk about beer pong tables with built in speakers. You can add speakers to any table for less than $50! Yes, you COULD zip-tie some computer speakers to the table legs, but remember we’re building the Ultimate Beer Pong Table here. Zip ties are not classy.

Get stability: Finally, you’re so close to the Ultimate Beer Pong Table. Take it to the next level with cup placement holes pre-drilled! Unless you’re someone who really believes in the fun of spilling beer everywhere on every other turn, cup holes are the way to go. Keep the game organized and your floor clean at the same time.

There you have it: the Ultimate Beer Pong Table. It’s classy, it’s sexy, it’s musically talented and it will keep holding your beer for you even after you throw things at it all night.


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How to Choose the Right Beer Pong Table for Your Needs: A Primer

So you’ve given it some thought and you’ve decided to take the plunge. Congratulations! You’re getting a beer pong table! But before you pick out your little bundle of joy (we’re still referring to the table, of course), keep in mind that different table options suit different types of people. Below are some different options we offer on the beer pong tables we sell, and who they’re going to be good for:

Aluminum Tables (AKA “The Professional” “The Offiicial” “The One & Only”)

This sleek and classy table is designed for everyone.  The aluminum table is the lightest and most easily transportable of all tables, and it folds into a case so you can take it with you on your jet-setting, crime-fighting tours.


Table Options

Don’t forget, the most important part of purchasing a Party Pong Table is adding from a number of awesome options. Fit your table to your personality by adding the following

Custom Graphics, Table Color, Holes, Triangles, Left & Right Side Glow Lights, Speakers.

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Three Activities That Will Improve Your Beer Pong Skills

Okay, we are aware that you can’t play beer pong all the time. You’re a busy person, with classes to get to, people to meet, and a resume to build. But did you know that certain extracurricular activities will actually improve your beer pong skills while making you a better, more well-rounded person? It’s true! Below, our top three “cross-training tips.”

1. Volunteer to coach a Little League team.

Volunteering for a children’s sports team—whether it’s baseball, soccer, or golf—will do wonders for your hand-eye coordination. If you’re teaching a child to sink a basket, block a goal, or hit a home run, you’re also training yourself to make difficult shots from far away. Additionally, putting up with children is a great way to learn good sportsmanship. And it never hurts to add a little volunteer activity to your resume!

2. Take Up Golf

beer pong practice

Just practicing my beer pong skills!

There are more similarities between golf and beer pong than you might think: both games involve directing a ball to a small, specific area; and if you become good at one game, chances are, the other will become much easier. Golf is also a great way to meet people you might want to impress someday. Plaid attire is optional.

3. Play Video Games

We’re about to give you a valid excuse to play video games. You’re welcome! Studies have shown that playing video games improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time, two important skills to take to the beer pong table. So next time you need to relax and sit down in front of the Xbox, just consider it practice.

And now that you’ve rounded out your life, step in front of your favorite beer pong table and prepare to dominate.

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No Saint Patrick’s Day? No Problem.

Aluminum "Shenanigans" Party Pong Beer Pong Table On Sale for only $104.99

A friend of ours approached us recently and complained about having to miss out on what is undoubtedly one of the best beer-related holidays of the year: Saint Patrick’s Day. Now, we’re sure he’s not the only one; sometimes life just gets in the way of us celebrating some of the best holidays.

So in honor of those who had to work, who had other plans, who were sick, or who just had to deal with life, we present to you our list of The Best Beer-Related Holidays (that aren’t Saint Patrick’s Day). So drink up, play some beer pong, and never worry again if life prevents you from savoring some Guinness on your favorite holiday. For your reading pleasure, we are only including holidays that take place in mid-April or later.

Saint Monday–Any (or every! Monday)
Nobody likes Mondays. So in the 1800’s, clever tradesmen handled this by taking Mondays off for “union meetings.” They would then meet at their local pub or bar and drink in honor of Saint Monday. A fine tradition, if we’ve ever heard of one.

King Gambrinus Day–April 11
April 11 is the birthday of the respected Flemish King Gambrinus. Why should you care, you ask? Well, because King Gambrinus is credited with adding hops to malted brews to bring you the fine and delicious beer you know and love today! So drink up in honor of this pioneering man.

St. Arnold’s Day–July 18
Saint Arnold is the Patron Saint of Brewers. Need we say more?

International IPA Day—August 4
It’s not clear as to whetehr this is an official holiday or not, but we do know that thousands of IPA fans are doing their best to make it one. So knock back a cold, delicious India Pale Ale and celebrate.

International Beer Day—August 5
…And just in case you didn’t celebrate enough on August 4, there’s International Beer Day on August 5. So sip on a stout or guzzle a porter, and invite everyone over to play a rousing game of beer pong. And then never worry about missing out on a beer-related holiday again!

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Beer in the News: Volume One

Beer in the News Volume 1

We at Party Pong Tables are starting a new tradition, designed to keep you up to date on urgent, earthshattering, breaking news in the world of beer and beer pong. So here it is, our first edition of Beer in the News:,0,4064773.story. Bud Light is number one, in case you were wondering (we were). So, what made the difference? Probably the fact that Budweiser is the only full-calorie beer in the top five U.S. beers. People have to watch their slender figures somehow! Are you a Budweiser or a Coors Light loyalist? Let us know in the comments. The hip hop artist and scribe of the popular song “College” even belongs to a fantasy beer pong league. We knew there was a reason we loved this guy so much. Ouch! The suspect is still at large. Remember, kids: no matter how badly you lose at beer pong, do not attack each other. You’ll risk ending up on the news where fine, upstanding beer pong blogs can mock you mercilessly. Now, that’s just inspiring. We hope they were smart enough to order a few (dozen) football-themed beer pong tables!

Any news we missed? Let us know!

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Movies that Will Inspire a Kickass Beer Pong Game

Break out your beer pong table, some pong balls, and a bowl of popcorn. It’s time to kick back and watch some movies that will inspire you to play your best game of beer pong yet!

St Elmo’s Fire: This delightful coming-of-age film about post-grads will make you glad you’re still in college. Pour the beer and let the good times roll!

Animal House: Still, after all these years, “Animal House” is the quintessential college party movie. Haven’t seen it? Then your life is incomplete.

Revenge of the Nerds: Spoiler alert: the nerds win in this hilarious, classic college film. It’s sure to inspire a fun round of beer pong no matter whose side you’re on.

Old School: Will Ferrell is at his best in this hilarious tale of a group of men who just can’t let college go.

Road Trip: Beer Pong: Actually, we haven’t seen this one, but we couldn’t ignore a film with “beer pong” in the title. Someone review it for us.

Mortal Kombat: The Mortal Kombat movie is about a group of martial artists who will compete in a tournament that will determine the fate of the world. Sure, the stakes of your beer pong game may not be quite as high, but watching this movie will definitely help you put your game face on.

Accepted: A movie about love and acceptance (sort of), “Accepted” will provide inspiration for all your college antics.

Van Wilder: Van Wilder is destined to be a new classic, coming from the fine and upstanding “National Lampoon” family.

Smokey and the Bandit: Get your culture on with this campy 1977 movie about a man who tries to run a trailer full of beer over county lines.

The Big Lebowski: The Dude abides in this brilliant piece of cinema, which captures the spirit of beer pong even though it has nothing to do with college or beer pong.

Which of these movies or others inspire you to play some beer pong?

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Team Names 101: A Guide to Choosing the Best Beer Pong Team Name

You and your bros have been practicing your game, and at this point you’re pretty well convinced you can form a team and clean the floor with your competition. Problem is, you have no idea what to call yourselves—after all, Team MyFirstName and MyBro’sFirstName is actually kind of boring. Fortunately, here at Party Pong we’re all about making sure you have everything you need to be a badass at beer pong—including having an epic team name. Here are some ideas.

1. The Obligatory Puns

Alright, let’s get this one out of the way quickly, because we shouldn’t even actually have to say it. If you can’t come up with some great “balls” puns to use in your team name, then what are you even doing here?

2. The Obligatory Booze References

You are, in fact, playing a game that pretty much requires the consumption of large quantities of cheap beer (yes, you can play with water…but most people generally don’t).  The “Alco Holics”,  “Booze Crews”, “Beer Pressure,” and even “Go Home, You’re Drunk” are all awesome team names celebrating the boozy nature of our favorite sport. Go get a pint and come up with something creative!

3. Pop Culture References

You eat, sleep, and breathe in a world where pop culture is both ridiculous and inescapable. You might as well make the most of it.  What’s the best strange celebrity quote you’ve heard this week? What’s your favorite movie or TV show? Which love-to-hate politician has said something asinine lately? Take these things as inspiration and incorporate them into your up-to-the-minute team name. Or, if all else fails, just make a gratuitous reference to Miley Cyrus twerking.

4. Trash Talk Names

With all great teams come great rivals. Kill two birds with one stone by dissing the other team’s name with your own. Think along the lines of “we will pwn you!”…but, you know, more creative and with a direct reference to your rival team’s name and/or history.

5. Mad Libs Names

Alright, flash back to your childhood planning Mad Libs. You would insert an adjective, noun, or verb into a mystery text, and read it with hilarity once the complete sentences are revealed. Flash forward now to the grownup version of that game to lead you to team-name victory. How, you ask? It’s simple. Choose one adjective, then choose one noun. If you really want to add excitement, throw in an adverb and show off your SAT vocab skills.  Almost any adjective-noun combo will make a good team name, but they’re definitely better when they’re unexpected. For inspiration, think of “The Fighting Chipmunks,” “The Lusty Triangles,” or “The Raging Sporks.”

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect team name, be sure to bring your own custom beer pong balls to up your game even more. The other team will never even know what hit them.

Weigh in with your best team names in the comments section!

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