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Fingering & Blowing

Alright!  Finally we’ve got a beer pong topic that caught your attention.  Fingering and Blowing; two words that can mean oh so much.  Of course we are referring to the “House Rule” in beer pong where girls may blow and guys may finger the ball out of the cup before it touches the liquid.

It’s difficult to not get excited about anything that has to do with Fingering and Blowing, but in my opinion, the rule does not add much value to the beer pong game as much as one might think.

The biggest problem with the rule is how much longer it makes each game.  I have witnessed games go beyond 30 minutes because the girls continue to blow the beer pong ball out of made beer pong cups.  There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a game of beer pong that just won’t end.

Secondly, the rule states that guys are allowed to finger the ball out of the cup before the pong ball touches the liquid.  Unfortunately, with the girls standing 8 feet across the beer pong table, judging whether or not the guys are playing fair is almost impossible.

In conclusion, as much fun as it is to say “Girls Blow & Guys Finger,” the “House Rule” should be set aside for a time when there is no line for beer pong.  What are your thoughts on the rule?

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Beer Pong Tips, Tricks & Strategies

The brilliant thing about beer pong is that there’s no one way to play it. With each new group of beer pong players , the game evolves to incorporate new rules; and with them, new strategies for winning the game. However, if you find yourself on the losing end of a game of beer pong, we have a few strategies to keep in mind.

1. Maintain the optimal level of “Intoxication”

Beer pong, like most things in life, exists on a curve where drinking is concerned: a couple drinks in, and you’ll get much, much better. A few more after that, and you’re going to get much, much worse. So take stock of how much you’re drinking and do everything you can to stay in what we at Party Pong like to call the “happy place:” when you’re feeling buzzed and confident, not seeing double.

2. Use the correct grip

Believe it or not, the way you grip the beer pong ball does matter. Most beer pong players use a basic overhand grip, but there are several other grips to test out if you find that one isn’t working out for you. You can also try an underhand grip, or an unusual grip some players called the “peace grip”–when you hold the ball between your index and middle fingers, like you’re making a peace sign.

3. Make sure you have a good arc

If the curve on your ball is decent, it’s less likely to bounce back out of the cup. A good arc will also give you more control in your aim.

4. Aim for clusters

This is obvious, but it’s an easy rule to forget during a lively game of beer pong: aim for where there are clusters of cups! Even if you miss your mark, there’s a good chance your ball will land in another cup.

5. Practice makes perfect

Nobody has to know you practice your beer pong throws by lobbing ping pong balls into cups of water when nobody else is around. It’ll be our little secret. So go ahead: buy some custom beer pong balls for good luck and up your game!

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