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Funny Beer Quotes from Famous People

You may or may not think of yourself as an intellectual, but you definitely think of yourself as someone who drinks beer. Lucky for you, there are plenty of famous people who ARE intellectuals who ALSO drank beer and said awesome, inspired things about it. Next time you need to sound smart at a party (maybe to impress that hot brainy girl), bring up some of funny beer quotes about beer from famous people about your favorite subject—beer!

Beer Quote #1:

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” ― Benjamin Franklin.

One of the finest minds in American history tells us that beer is a God-given gift? Who are we to argue?


Beer Quote #2

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.” ― Abraham Lincoln

Wiser words about people and politics have never been spoken.  We all knew that Lincoln was a great president, but by talking about beer he’s proven himself to be truly wise.


Beer Quote #3

“For a quart of Ale is a meal for a King.”—William Shakespeare

See? Kings are awesome enough to drink all their meals, according to Shakespeare. The rest of us get to have our beers interspersed with pizza.


Beer Quote #4

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes.” ― Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde got it right! And, you know, it’s important to show solidarity with the drinking classes by drinking with them!


Beer Quote #5

“Beer’s intellectual. What a shame so many idiots drink it.” ― Ray Bradbury

Beer is intellectual, and so are you! Clearly it’s a match made in heaven. You should take all the idiots’ beer away from them and drink it yourself!


Take these quotes with you to your next party, and you’ll be able to have intellectual conversations about beer with that brainy cute girl.


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The World’s Most Unusual Beers

You may think that all the beers in the world are pretty much the same—lighter or darker, or with more or less alcohol volume, but otherwise basically the same. Little did you know…the wide world of beer contains some strange and wonderful concoctions. Here are the top 5 unusual beers in the world.

Unusual Beer #1: Sam Adams Utopias

At 50% Alcohol per volume, this beer is listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the strongest beer in the world. It includes maple syrup in the brewing process and the flavor is said to be the result of a ménage à trois between a dark amber beer, port wine, and dark spiced rum. Hard to find, this beer should be savored incredibly slowly to keep you from having a truly epic hangover the next day.

Unusual Beer #2: Bilk

Somewhere in a secret laboratory in Japan, someone came up with the idea of making beer with milk. A town had a milk surplus, and someone had the bright idea to combine two incredibly unlike things. As in, your beverage is 2/3 adult alcohol brew, 1/3 kid’s glass of milk before bed. It apparently has a fruity flavor.  No word on whether it’s available in the US.

Unusual Beer #3: Cave Creek Chili Beer

Beer goes well with spicy foods, right? How about just having spicy beer? Way more intense than the worm in the tequila bottle, this beer comes with a piece of hot chili pepper in the bottle. Don’t drink more than 2 at once or your stomach will tell you about it.

Unusual Beer #4: Pizza Beer

Along the same lines of “food that goes well with beer should be brewed into beer,” pizza beer is, in fact, brewed with actual pizza ingredients like tomatoes and oregano.  It’s produced in very small quantities by a pair of homebrewers, but if you’re into pizza and beer you probably want to check this one out.

Unusual Beer #5: Dog Beer

Brewed with real dogs…PSYCHE! This brew isn’t made with dogs, it’s made for dogs. Someone in Holland decided that Fido shouldn’t be left out from the boozery, so came up with an alcohol free beer made from beef extract and malt. Get some for your favorite canine next time you have the bros over for booze.

Know of any other really unusual beers? Tell us in the comments!

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Beer Festivals USA

You know that awesome feeling that happens when you’re in a room surrounded by other people who love beer pong as much as you do? Imagine being in an enormous crowd of people who just love beer. Who love beer passionately, obsessively, to the point of traveling across the country to get the absolute perfect sip of beer imaginable. Who will welcome you to join them in their quest to find the best beers in America.

Sound like a fantasy? It’s not. These are beer festivals. And they happen all over the US. You can find more information on beer festivals, including a full calendar of when and where each festival is taking place, on the redoubtable site of  But wait, did we say all over the US? We meant all over the world. You can find beer festivals from California to England, down to Georgia and up to Canada. There are even entire weeks devoted to beer in some places. Seriously, knowing the existence of all the beer festivals pretty much in the world all at once…this website could probably change your entire world.

If you wanted to, you could even get really ambitious and start your own beer festival where you live. It could be big or small, but it should have as much local beer as humanly possible, and it should also have tons of beer pong. Make your plans, and then let the people know that you’ve organized an epic, and you too will go down in history as having organized a kickass event full of awesome people who really, really, really love beer and pong.

Have you been to a beer festival? Do you want to go to one? Do you want to host one? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Scrabble Drinking Game

So, you’re crushing on that cute girl in the Comp Lit department, and beer pong just isn’t her thing. But hey, there’s got to be a way right? She likes words, you like beer… Drunken Scrabble. What better way to introduce to her the joys of drinking games? It’s almost a match made in heaven.

Rules of the Scrabble Drinking Game:

Take one Scrabble board, with all the various and sundry pieces associated with it (bags of letters,etc).  Get together the girl of your dreams and a few more friends (best bet is to have 8 people total, and you can play in 4 teams of 2). Bring a case of beer (ask beforehand what she likes, extra romantic points dude).

As you start to play, take a drink each time someone plays a word worth more than 10 points. If you’re playing with people who are at all intelligent, this should be nearly every turn. Take 2 sips anytime anyone scores higher than 20 points, 3 whenever someone gets more than 30, and so on.

Partway through the game, make the suggestion that creativity counts in terms of both spelling and what constitutes a “real word.” Shakespeare made up words, didn’t he? So can you! If you can come up with a plausible-sounding definition, it counts! By the end of the game, the board should be full of ridiculous nonsense words and everyone should be ridiculously tipsy and giggling.

Take a picture of the board when you finish, and share it when you’re all sober the next day. See if you can remember what all your made-up words meant. With any luck, your lady love will have had a great time, remember most if not all of the crazy made-up definitions, and be eager to have a drunken scrabble match again. Voila—second date!


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Best Ways to Keep Beer Cold

Nothing is worse than warm beer. But not all beer cooling methods are created equal. Here’s a rundown of the options, so as the weather gets hot you can keep your beer cold and icy.

1. Styrofoam coolers

Pros: the ultimate in portable and disposable. Take it with you to the beach or to the mountains or wherever the hell your road trip will take you, abuse it thoroughly, and know at the end of the day that even if you destroy it, you’ll still have had cold beer and you’ll have only spent a few bucks on the container.

Cons: Styrofoam’s bad for the environment, dude. Get something that costs a couple bucks more that’s reusable.

2. Beer can sleeves

Pros: They keep your individual can of beer cold while you’re drinking it.

Cons: They only work for one can at a time. Also, they mostly look dumb.

3. Thermoses

Pros: Holds a couple of beer’s worth of booze, designed to go with you wherever you go.

Cons: Everyone needs to bring their own, because one thermos definitely won’t hold enough beer to share. Also, make sure you get one that looks like it actually belongs to an adult and not an elementary-schooler.

4. Kegerators

Pros: They hold an entire keg! And keep it cold! With science!

Cons: They’re not exactly portable. You can use it for a kickass house party, but you can’t take it on the road.

5. Freezable Beer Pong Coolers

Pros: It’s a rack to help you line up your cups perfectly! It keeps your beer cold while you play! It’s portable! It’s specifically designed for beer pong!

Cons: Is it possible to have cons for anything specifically designed to help your beer pong game go better? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this method of keeping beer cold!

Clearly there are plenty of options for keeping your beer chilly…but only one that will keep your beer cold WHILE YOU PLAY PONG. We have a winner!


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The Most Epic Pairings of Beer and Halloween Candy

Party Pong Loves Halloween

It’s that time of year again, when the bars are filled with ghosts and ghouls and sexy nurses. At times like this, you have only one thing on your mind:


Well, two things.  Because you never actually stopped thinking about beer. (Beer Pong is assumed of course).

You might listen to your more erudite friends talk about how different beers go with different foods. But you can one-up them now. Because you know about pairing candy and beer. Which is way more epic than pairing beer with food.

So. Here it is. The list you never even knew you were waiting for. The list of the best beers to go with the best Halloween candies.

  1. Snickers with stout

The chocolate and peanutty goodness of Snickers goes perfectly with the dark, rich flavors of a stout. Think of it like double chocolate. But better.

  1. Candy corn with pumpkin ale. Take the two most iconic foods of the season. Put them together. The end.
  2. Starbursts with an IPA

Sweet and chewy, your favorite candy from middle school goes well with IPAs. The hops in the beer offsets the sweetness of the starbursts. It’s a good thing.

  1. Reese’s with a fruit lambic

Don’t go thinking that fruit beers are for girls. Having a fruit-flavored beer with a Reese’s peanut butter cup is basically the equivalent of having alcoholic PB&J—the best of your childhood lunchbox combined with the best of your inebriated present day.

  1. Sweet tarts with red ale

This combination plays up the sweetness and the tartness of the candy and gives it an extra kick of booze. Double the sensation on your tongue.

Obviously, this is just a small sampling of the vast possibilities available. In the spirit of scientific research, you should probably find  as many of the possibilities as possible—then tell us about it in the comments!

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Beginner Beers

So, you have this friend who doesn’t drink because they “don’t like beer” or haven’t tried one they like yet. Here are a few suggestions to get them started.

1. Blue moon
These guys make a great Belgian White that’s a great place to start for people who are new to the beer world. Made with a hint of orange, its nice, light flavor is given depth by the fact that it’s unfiltered. All in all, a perfect place to start.
2. Stella
You see it advertised everywhere, and it’s drunk in more than 80 countries around the world. Who are you to argue with people in 80 countries? It’s a good light lager, available almost anywhere.
3. Hoegaarden
This is another Belgian wheat ale that’s unique because it’s double-fermented: top fermented and then re-fermented in the bottle. This process gives it a unique cloudy-white appearance. Its flavor is sweet with a bit of bitterness and spice, and is a great drink for a hot summer day.
4. Pumpkin
During the fall, pumpkin ales come out in force. The flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg appeal to most people and make pumpkin beers seem warm and comforting with the onset of cold weather. Plenty of people get started with pumpkin beer, then hunt furiously for something to replace it once the season’s done.
5. Guinness
The classic dark beer from Ireland. If the lighter beers aren’t your friends’ thing, try them of a Guinness and see how they react. It has a strong flavor of roasted malt and a creamy texture, and like Hoegarden it’s drunk in more than 80 countries worldwide. It’s always better on tap than in a bottle, and die-hard fans will rhapsodize about this fact.

This set is a great go-to for beers that will make a good introduction to the beer-drinking universe. And once a person’s found a single beer they like, they’ll be ready to bring a six-pack and join the party.

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Beer Festivals, a Summertime Adventure where You Don’t Have to Choose Just One!

When playing beer pong or other drinking games, common practice is to buy any inexpensive beer to fill the cups. This is perfect for newer beer drinkers, pong players on a budget (who isn’t on a budget these days?), and gatherings where the focus is on company and entertainment rather than beverage. But then, when drinking is less for sport and more focused on taste it can become difficult to choose among the beers offered in the local store. Those beers aren’t Bud Weiser, or Miller, but what are they like? A beer fan can read up on the latest beers in any number of blogs. But no words equal the experience of tasting.
Fortunately, tis the season for festivals! Across the country cities and towns are hosting street festivals and fairs of all varieties. And one particularly fitting festival that crops up around the nation during summer months is perfect for drinkers seeking to find their tastes in the beer world.
July alone hosts more the fifty beer festivals around the United States, with several more overseas. Many of these festivals include upwards of 200 beers available in one location!
For the price of a ticket (often less than $50 per festival), visitors can sample a wide variety of beers and gain a feel for their own tastes. The tasting of beer is broken up by seminars on the uses for beer, or on brewing beer of your own. Food is offered for pairing with the festival’s beers, so guests can spend the day tasting and enjoying them. All in all, these festivals offer a wonderful way to dive into the world of beer. Enjoy!

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Beer in the News: Volume One

Beer in the News Volume 1

We at Party Pong Tables are starting a new tradition, designed to keep you up to date on urgent, earthshattering, breaking news in the world of beer and beer pong. So here it is, our first edition of Beer in the News:,0,4064773.story. Bud Light is number one, in case you were wondering (we were). So, what made the difference? Probably the fact that Budweiser is the only full-calorie beer in the top five U.S. beers. People have to watch their slender figures somehow! Are you a Budweiser or a Coors Light loyalist? Let us know in the comments. The hip hop artist and scribe of the popular song “College” even belongs to a fantasy beer pong league. We knew there was a reason we loved this guy so much. Ouch! The suspect is still at large. Remember, kids: no matter how badly you lose at beer pong, do not attack each other. You’ll risk ending up on the news where fine, upstanding beer pong blogs can mock you mercilessly. Now, that’s just inspiring. We hope they were smart enough to order a few (dozen) football-themed beer pong tables!

Any news we missed? Let us know!

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2010 May Playmate of the Month, Kassie Lyn Logsdon

Miss May 2010 - Kassie Lyn Logsdon. Meet and take your picture with her at The Happy Ending Bar on Sat. July 23rd at 12 Noon.

Party Pong is proud to announce that Miss May, Kassie Logsdon, will help represent the future of beer pong.  We have successfully brought together the competitive awesomeness of beer pong and the most beautiful women in the World.  Kassie is from a small town located in the San Bernardino Mountains and quickly went from High School Hottie to a Playboy Playmate.  Apparently they breed super hot ladies out in San Bernardino because it was her high school friend and February 2010 Playmate of the Month, Heather Rae Young, who turned Playboy’s cameras onto the gorgeous Kassie Logsdon.  Saturday, July 23 at The Happy Ending Bar in Hollywood is your chance to meet Kassie.  Beer Pong and Beautiful Women…need we say more??

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