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Beginner Beers

So, you have this friend who doesn’t drink because they “don’t like beer” or haven’t tried one they like yet. Here are a few suggestions to get them started.

1. Blue moon
These guys make a great Belgian White that’s a great place to start for people who are new to the beer world. Made with a hint of orange, its nice, light flavor is given depth by the fact that it’s unfiltered. All in all, a perfect place to start.
2. Stella
You see it advertised everywhere, and it’s drunk in more than 80 countries around the world. Who are you to argue with people in 80 countries? It’s a good light lager, available almost anywhere.
3. Hoegaarden
This is another Belgian wheat ale that’s unique because it’s double-fermented: top fermented and then re-fermented in the bottle. This process gives it a unique cloudy-white appearance. Its flavor is sweet with a bit of bitterness and spice, and is a great drink for a hot summer day.
4. Pumpkin
During the fall, pumpkin ales come out in force. The flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg appeal to most people and make pumpkin beers seem warm and comforting with the onset of cold weather. Plenty of people get started with pumpkin beer, then hunt furiously for something to replace it once the season’s done.
5. Guinness
The classic dark beer from Ireland. If the lighter beers aren’t your friends’ thing, try them of a Guinness and see how they react. It has a strong flavor of roasted malt and a creamy texture, and like Hoegarden it’s drunk in more than 80 countries worldwide. It’s always better on tap than in a bottle, and die-hard fans will rhapsodize about this fact.

This set is a great go-to for beers that will make a good introduction to the beer-drinking universe. And once a person’s found a single beer they like, they’ll be ready to bring a six-pack and join the party.


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  1. I love Beer Pong!!!

  2. Tackett Oct 23rd 2012


  3. Alyssa Schipani Oct 23rd 2012

    These are all really cool insights about the beers! Thanks!

  4. Danielle Dee Oct 23rd 2012

    blue moon and stella are go to beers!

  5. Tackett Oct 23rd 2012


  6. Stella is a great start up beer. Well enough known that they might recognize the brand but wont be scared off with their first sip. I don’t think Guinness is a good start up beer, its definitely a beer that everyone should try but for it to be your first beer will put a big bar infront of the next.

  7. I defs know some people who might enjoy the pumkin and id try Hoegaarden. but if they are to sissy to use beer for beer pong i just suggest they drink ladies drinks! (palmbays ect)

  8. Addison Garner Oct 23rd 2012

    Yuengling was one of my favorites when i started drinking.

  9. marc rousseau Oct 23rd 2012


  10. Francis Tremblay Oct 23rd 2012


  11. Kieran lewko Oct 23rd 2012

    I’m going to have to try some of these!

  12. Matt Samson Oct 23rd 2012

    Why not have America’s beer Budweiser on this list?

  13. Beer pong all day…. And everyday

  14. beeeeeaaa pong all day every day


  16. Henry Rodriguez Oct 23rd 2012

    I’m soo on a winning streak its scary. Watch out Vegas!

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