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Beer Pong Tips, Tricks & Strategies

The brilliant thing about beer pong is that there’s no one way to play it. There are all kinds of regional variations around the US, and pretty much every new group of beer pong players comes up with their own set of “house rules.”  We say, celebrate the diversity in the world of Pong! That said, no matter what set of rules you’re playing with, there are a few tips and tricks that can help your game no matter what. In no particular order, here are the things that can improve your technique and help you have a better game.

1. Maintain the optimal level of Intoxication

Everything in life is a bell curve, and the effect of beer on your pong game is no different. For a while, each sip of beer will grant you phenomenal cosmic powers…and then, suddenly, the effect will be completely reversed and your beer pong game will crash. To stay in your happy place at the top of the bell curve, drink strategically! Alternate your cups of beer with cups of water so you can stay buzzed and confident for as long as possible—and avoid the sorry state of affairs where you’re falling over or seeing double and can’t actually throw the ball.

2. Grip your balls well

Your beer pong balls! What did you think we were talking about!?!?!?

Believe it or not, the way you hold your balls does matter. The basic overhand grip is probably the most popular, but you can test out several others if that one isn’t working for you. Try out an underhand grip, or even a “peace grip,” where you hold the ball between your index and middle fingers, like you’re making a peace sign. Feel free to experiment!

3. Get your physics on

Beer pong is really about physics, which means that you should have paid a lot more attention in your high school science and math classes in order to improve your game. Success in beer pong is all about the arc! If the curve on your ball is a good parabola (shaped like our old friend, the bell curve), it’s less likely to bounce back out of the cup. A good arc will also give you more control in your aim. Experiment with your toss to get the perfect curvature so that your balls really go where you’re trying to send them!

4. Cross train

We’ve all heard of cross training for other sports, but few people consider that it’s important for beer pong as well. Play a game of basketball to practice your arc and get a larger ball through a hoop. Play some darts at the bar to increase your hand-eye coordination and your aim.

5. Practice, practice, practice

It’s how you get to Carnegie Hall, and it’s how you achieve the status of beer pong god. (Yes, those two things are completely equivalent). Nobody has to know you practice your beer pong throws by lobbing ping pong balls into cups of water in your kitchen when nobody else is around. It’ll be our little secret. If anyone asks, you’re just naturally blessed by the beer pong gods with a great grip, great aim, and a great arc. Just grin and let the accolades roll in!

Do you have a favorite tip or trick for upping your game? Can you regale us with tales of your epic practice sessions or your favorite grip or your personal secret to getting the best arc? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Richie Franke Nov 4th 2011

    This is what I’ve been trying to explain to people, thank you for this lol. I do enjoy the reverse of your standard and most common toss, clueless your wrist in towards you (palm facing you) and just let the ball roll off your finger tips as you release. It adds nice a arc to your shot along with confusing the team you’re playing with. Try it out, once you get the form down its just like butter and puts teams down. Thanks again for your insight party pong.

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