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Beer Pong Rules & Regulations

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Clean. Implement the Health Cup Rule

Each player identifies and marks their "Health Cup" usually by writing their name on the cup. This cup is to be used only by that individual as a container for which the liquid from the playing cups is poured into. The Health Cup is not part of the 20 playing cups.

1. Each team consists of 1 or 2 players.

2. One Official Party Pong Beer Pong Table.

3. Two Official Party Pong balls per table.

4. Cups will be set up in a 4, 3, 2, 1 formation.

5. Distribute 24 oz. of liquid evenly among all 10 cups per side.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors will decide the team that shoots first (Best of 3).


Bouncing and Defending

Balls can be tossed or bounced into opposing team’s cups. IF a ball is bounced in by the Shooting Team (ST), the Defending Team (DT) must pull 2 cups instead of 1 (pull the cup the ball lands in and an additional cup chosen by the ST). However, once the ball touches the table it is considered "LIVE" and can be blocked or deflected by the DT. If the ball is touched prior to touching the table or a cup, the DT must pull a cup as a penalty (ST chooses which cup to pull).


Each Idiot Rule

If a ball is dropped, swatted, deflected, or accidentally falls into a

The Rebuttal




No fingering or blowing balls out of the cups.

You may not have your elbow extend past the front cup while shooting. You lose your turn if caught.